dita freshwallstreet africa style   After days of going back and forth on design and fabric, this is what Dita finally decided on to a wedding we recently attended. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to create a look from scratch, especially when you get to be in studio whiles your idea is being brought to life. Next time we put an outfit together I am damn sure going to document everything from a A-Z.freshwallstreet   IMG_3399photo & write up : Allen A. Coleman


drunk in love

If you have an appreciation like I do for menswear, then being around an individual like Allen will definitely take it to a new level. In menswear nothing is too little to ignore (look at me sounding all knowing), from color code to proportions, it almost makes it seem very stiff and very ”rule” centered from a distance  but if you look closely it’s all nothing but art if you ask me. I have come to appreciate the little big things about menswear so much that it has found its way into my personal wardrobe. _ Dita

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IMG_5847My love for menswear is not a secret, even if it was my work wardrobe would be a dead giveaway. I love the traditional color code menswear sticks to, it’s simple and elegant, something I find too hard to resist. I love strolling into the office in skirts but there is something I find very powerful about a woman owning a well tailored pair of pants and shirt. Pairing pink with grey has always been one of my favorite nicks from the menswear code book, it’s quintessentially British, and that conveniently hits close to home.

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In my opinion I think DITA is one of the best dressed women online;  I say that because first of all she is my girlfriend and the fact that she has an uncanny ability to channel both women and menswear with impeccable execution makes it hard to ignore my claim. Dita seems to have a multiple personality syndrome when it comes to her wardrobe, that’s the only way I can explain her ability to command her ‘’girly’’ clothes and still manage to channel menswear better than most men I know.

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Exquisite! If more women conveyed this much elegance in African inspired outfits, it might actually chip away my passive appreciation for this cornerstone of our culture.I do not dislike African inspired prints but on the subject of what I’ve seen so far, this comes out on top.

photo : Allen Coleman
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