Every guy has got that one outfit that takes less than second to settle on, kind of like your go to ensemble when you don’t have the pleasure of thinking one through. The denim or chambray shirt and soil chinos have been a main stay in my wardrobe for a good time now simply because it just works for me. All i simply need to do is change my feet candy according to my choice to dress up or down, DONE, and it no doubt has the highest versatility rate in my wardrobe. I decided to throw a suit jacket over it for happy Sunday and again, it works. I decided to revamp the only formal shoes I brought on my trip with a little combo that I picked up from playing with crayons as a kid. This is the first time I have sported a jacket without a pocket square and you might probably be asking why .Well its simply because I believe when a n outfit is too busy it tends to lose it appeal, kind of like a movie with too many stars in it , it usually doesn’t end well. I often see gentlemen with a brooch, a pocket square and a   tie clip all in one ensemble and it personally takes out the clean look of an outfit. The only thing that looks good over done is a chocolate, and you are obviously not one. HAPPY SUNDAY >> more PHOTOS

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So today the Sunday weather got a little nifty so i pulled out of my favorite layering guns , the cardigan. With my physique I never find  a cardigan   that fits perfectly but this   DINAMIT JEANS  effort does the job quite fine . The cardigan is like the perfect  ‘’through the day’ piece  when its buttoned up it has an uncanny formal appeal, undo the buttons and it turns into a casual beast, perfect for that confused weather  forecast. Blue and grey happens to be one of my favorite color couples in the men’s wardrobe so I thought it wouldn’t  hurt to walk them down the aisle one more time . SHIRT by MARKHAMS ,KNITTED TIE  by MODE ,CARDIGAN by DINAMIT ,PANTS by TOPMAN , SHOES by KURT GEIGER and BROOCH by trinketdesign HAPPY SUNDAY>>>MORE PHOTOS

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Amongst the many tests that society has structured for  man to prove and claim his spot  , lies the  true test of a man to  command respect and appeal in a suit and tie . It is sad but you will seldom find gentleman who have enough guts to take this test in a brown suit. The brown suit , is  surprisingly the last Colour of suit most men add to their collection even though its versatility is matched by few. My love affair with the brown suit simply lies with its versatility, try throwing almost anything from a bright pink coloured shirt to my favourite white shirt at a brown suit and it works just fine. I know a lot of gentleman pride themselves in pulling of artwork co-ordinations but there is nothing like mastering the basics, you can’t run away from the James bond feel.

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It is said that when you know your last bullet won’t cut the cloth of the competition do well to join them , I never thought I’d say this standing next to my shoe shelve . The other half recently got me a pair of grey driving shoes with electric blue laces from zara , and quite frankly the only time I pick it up is to put it back when I am line checking my shoes . When I come across items that I can’t seem to put into an ensemble it’s almost like unsolved math problem to an 8th grade math geek, it honestly messes with my sleep, judge me. When I got these driving shoes my problem was to put together an ensemble that wouldn’t come off as predictable. It has been a couple THE HOUR episodes since I jumped of the colour blocking wagon so that option was off the list , and I honestly couldn’t make music with anything in my wardrobe without looking predictable , so decided not to beat but join them. Since I couldn’t find anything to compliment these jewels I decided to stick to the colour that was causing problems .So  I created a blue palette with different shades of it. TOP | LL bean PANTS | Topman. ShOES | zara BAG| coach tote from TRAINWRECK VINTAGE STORE  ACCESSORIES | DIY good wood brooch , Beads bought at the market .

FWst a tribe called fresh | complete cypher

In the word’s of my favorite word smith ‘’suede timbs on my feet keeps my cipher complete’’.  They said to bring something back so I picked up my pair of timberland 6 inch construction boots and reclined the seats; don’t mind me I am in rapper mode. My love affair with timberland construction goes way back to when Mugabe got his driver’s license, and I can’t deny that every now and then the memory of my baggy denim cuffs fighting for a resting place on her laces .Time has passed and these babies are back in my shoe rack,in  moments like these   black men try to blush. Back then when I was knee deep into street wear  I  sported  timberland boots with baggy jeans which were twice my size and so for some time now I have been killing to see if I could do more damage with a pair of  pants that were tailored or more of fit . When my boots came in I was a little confused as to how to incorporate them into an ensemble without making it seem like I was looking to bring back those days when I use to think pink was the most beautiful woman on earth, but I found foot and decided to stick to the original format with a new school approach. These wheat colored babies stand out with little help but I thought letting them play stage with just dark tone colors would be too basic so popped it with some electric blue courtesy of topman.

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FWst presents | #FLIGHT SKOOL

If there is a ever moment where I get to be frozen through time I want to be caught in a denim shirt and a pair of chinos with a clean handkerchief and something to carry every memory that I ever wrote down. Life is not short, it’s just enough to start, make a mistake, learn, love and repeat your favorite things to till the end. I am making it a point never to leave out my favorite things in life which strict schedule as to when they come into play and that includes some amazing humans, the fried yam with pork chops from Lagos Avenue, galaxy cookie crunch and my denim shirt. ‘’I hear my people question,’’what is the world coming to ?’’, but the truth is, this is what the world is and what the world’s been _@teffTHEdon Shirt: Kenneth cole denim shirt , pants: topman ,knitted by vertigo, D.I.Y brooch ,shoes by kurt Geiger, vintage document wallet from

FWst presents The Higher Learning

Scene 1 : Take that tooth pick outta your mouth boy you look stupid! As a matter of fact detention for you till Santa proves he is not from Mexico! This is not a damn democracy! We are in a state of emergency and my word is law! There’s only one boss around here, and that’s me, The HNIC.

Mr. O’Malley: HNIC?

Ms. Levias: Head Nigger In Charge.

Cut! {director’s voice}

I actually remixed and practised that line in the mirror like I was going for re cast for Morgan freeman’s movie lean on me, and yes I played all parts..Joey Clarke nucca . I consistently feel selfish for showing just this part of my life line but I don’t think any blog space can fit the amazing stop and goes , and that’s minus the additional guest spot by the beautiful people in my life . Its sad that you only get to see the costume change for this real life movie. I actually had a business meeting in this episode and I didn’t want to make anybody nervous by showing up too formal so I decided to go Joey Clarke on them. So I went this preppy look that has been dubbed “the teacher look”, it swings across as very casual and formal at the same time, perfect. I still don’t have a proper blazer in my wardrobe so I pulled out my favourite suit jacket and threw it over my chinos to break that formal wall. My initial choice was a white shirt but reckoned it would go over as basic and predictable so I threw in a subtle blue from my favourite shirt makers TM lewin and added the ultimate preppy spice, the knitted tie. I opted to make the look more solid with black shoes and coordinating belt even though this look might work better with brown solids especially if its coupled with a white shirt. The bag,I’d usually sprint over the bag but this gem is actually from the upcoming online vintage store  that will hit the  web in February , it’s a 5 compartment briefcase  from luxury luggage brand samsonite . Keep your eyes peeled on the blog’s twitter account to get that first scoop on the store. CLASS Dismissed! (click for more pics)

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