IMG_1480As a kid,my parents thought the classic movie channel was a better suite than the action channel, which flooded it’s time slots with all my favorite bone snapping movies starring Steven Siegel. I complained bitterly at the time, but now I’m sort of grateful, considering everything I picked up from watching all the great actors who have managed to come back to life via tumblr, making me feel I am retweeting photos of old friends. My time spent behind the black box has definitely helped my journey into classic menswear, I think it’s the reason my idea of colour in a man’s wardrobe has stayed so conservative. I skipped the matching pocket square and tie phase really quick to a more confident space, where my interest fell on quality and a solid appreciation for “what works effortlessly”. I unconsciously picked up on the colour work of the men I religiously watched for hours growing up, due to the absence of colour in majority of the classic movies I enjoyed watching, infusing too much of colour has never been my cup of tea; it often feels like I am trying too hard. The Classic movies I was

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Allen coleman stylistBefore this unconstructed peak lapel seer sucker jacket I always thought of British tailoring as unbearably boring and in dire need of character, thanks to mr Hackett I might just have to do a 180 in shame. Soft shoulders, peak lapels with functioning cuffs right off the rack might just make a this brand a main stay in my wardrobe. With a fit like this right off the rack  it’s easy to understand why it’s one of Britain’s favorite menswear brands. I don’t think I have gathered enough guts to wear a full piece seer sucker suit just yet, for now I think I’ll stick to pairing them with separates and keep the ketchup off my fish and chips.

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menswear tiesWith the slew of weddings lined up, I am glad I picked this candy green tie from the iconic brooks brothers. I have quite a number of green ties but none as loud as this , which I think is  perfect for showboating at an event like a wedding. Choosing ties with which part of your wardrobe it will fit in definitely helps, be it formal or casual it helps you avoid picking up ties you might never get to wear, utility is key .

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allen coleman style I am always encouraging people to play Around with their wardrobe but it seems I never do. Coming from a t-shirt and pair of jeans background, stepping to a more sartorial plane sort of convinced me there was little room to play about without running into another  rule of thumb. Lately without too much thought  I have been trying to incorporate a little edge from my street wear days into my wardrobe, and these gum soled wallabees from Clarks couldn’t have picked a better time to make a comeback on my shoe rack.

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Khaled-8 The contrast border pocket square has gone up the menswear love ladder pretty fast, you can’t go a page on any menswear inspired tumblr page or blog without spotting one. Like every item of clothing that becomes extremely popular there is always a dedicated group of individuals joining the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons, in the case of the contrast lined pocket square there is o exemption. I nicked two photos off the internet to demonstrate how the contrast pocket square should be done. In the photo above a white pocket square with orange contrast sits comfortably in the breast pocket echoing both the bold solid orange necktie and the subtle presence of orange in the patterned jacket, is it much? Very much. When you throw color around like that it  looks desperate and less thought out, my orange lined pocket square matches my tie, wow that was rocket science? The trick is to go light on the coordination and more on making the contrast pocket square complement the ensemble than ask for attention.

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Page6Most of my Friday looks usually revolve around the celebrated casual uniform of a single breasted navy jacket and a pair of beige chinos; the rest usually give it a face lift every now and then. For this look, I went with my go-to blue shirt and a rusty orange tie for a healthy Friday morning contrast. The orange might be too much of a statement on other day of the week but Friday fits just fine. If you have your blue and beige then you can’t really leave out the brown, can you? Ditch your socks after work and show some skin for that ‘’going to get drinks’’ look right when you clock out.

Allen x.


My transition from street wear to my present sartorial wardrobe wasn’t an easy one, and it all stemmed from my inability to speak through clothing without brand names hanging from every limb. Street wear is not a stroll in the park, instead of having an acquired taste for the  knowledge of fabric and pattern choice, knowing the newest brand simply got you the crown most times with street wear. The fact this rule did not play out in sporting a suit truly exhausted me with getting it right. In the world of suiting nothing plays a more vital role than choice. The Choice of fabric, color and fit; learning how important these three little birds were made all the difference in my wardrobe, especially when it boiled down to  the ART of employing a shirt, tie and a suit with perfect  Harmony . With time I understood why sporting a suit required every thread of the wearer’s personality, apart from it being the cornerstone of the ensemble itself, one’s personality  echoed in every single item, be it the way a gentleman knots a tie or the careless way his pocket square peaks out of his breast pocket. Paying an arm and a leg for a bespoke suit and not being able to walk around with a tag suggesting my well deserved expense bothered me at first, it totally killed the joy of dressing up for me, prancing around with new clothes on in utter silence( who does that?). With time patience found me, and as the desperate need to flaunt my status through clothing left me and a new wave of appreciation filled the void. Soon enough i  realized how close the art of suiting is to finding one’s self. Wearing a suit puts you in a box, one that does not keep you from who you are but gradually teaches you to become a better you. If you are bold one a suit will channel that trait with enough elegance. (Photo courtesy of the Armoury)
Allen x


IMG_9763Do not ignore my pose in the first photo, that is what happens when you walk around with Pharell’s ”Happy” stuck in your head. Back to regular schedule,sometimes it feels like my wardrobe will never rotate outside my fixation on blues juxtaposed against calm notes of earthy browns, but hey I thought Pamela was never going to come out of those red swim suits but  she did, so let’s not cross our fingers .

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I finally found another way to wear this beautiful two button single breasted jacket from Fiovarante. For weeks I have been I pairing them with the same pale blue shirt and navy pants until this magical injection of gray happened by accident. I am constantly in search of new ways to inject blues and browns in my wardrobe, and by far this here is my favorite. I love the light hues of blue and gray, juxtaposed against this beautiful brown rust jacket this ensemble has won my Wednesday spot ( yes I put together outfits by day and moods, feel free to try it, it makes putting together ensembles for work so easy)

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menswear africa  

Back the office aaaaawwwwready! Money doesn’t sleep; neither does the gentleman who determines where it rests. I am going to be off in a couple of days just in time for the New Year, until then my work wardrobe is going to be a lot casual and more relaxed. This linen blazer from john lewis and chinos from Dockers have got to be my best purchases for 2013,they always come to my rescue, I plan on wearing them into the ground. When it comes the dressing down to the office a pair of stone chinos is a must for me, I took to my tailor after I picked it up thrifting and had it fitted, it brings ‘’the casual’’ every time.

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