It’s the year of the prints and it looks like everyone gets to hit the stage at one point, now let’s highlight my favorite print right now , THE SCARF PRINT . I am going to admit that I recently warmed up to the scarf print that Versace made so popular and its in time like these that make retail shops like Zara and Topman heaven sent. I am particularly digging this effort from Zara but its kind of disappointing because  they sort of when full throttle  in the women’s section and pulled a half tank in the men’s section. The scarf print is loud and subtle at the same time, I don’t know if it makes sense but simply put its a print that has the ability to  make its presence felt without being annoying, and its perfect for both ends of the wardrobe with its classy appeal .  The Zara scarf print shirt comes both in very bold and natural tone colors and none seem to be missing a home run. It took me time warm up to these babies, I hope I turned the heat up for you on this one . SHOP HERE >> MORE PHOTOS   

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Usually when I approach people its basically because I am drawn to something that makes them stand out  in a crowd , and this usually goes beyond what they happen to wear but I cant deny the fact that it starts from . I run into Samantha and my spider senses didn’t do me wrong , she is hands down one of the most unique characters I have photographed. In her bubbly persona she run me through every item she had on , from her mum’s hat to totally forgetting where she got her boots from . Beautiful people , my addiction >>>more photos

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