FWst Street detail | a TRIBE called FRESH

“Style is not fitting in and neither is just about standing out , its not being in tune what’s new or a pitching a beautiful tent in the old .Style is not a platform for want to be mannequins , or the last destination measure  for acceptance . Style is you, its what the world is in your Eye, I have seen mine and I am intrigued by yours so whenever you wonder what people will think or say about what you truly want , you dilute your story”_ allen coleman Visuals courtesy of Enny of styleestadiaries.blogspot.com . I have bumping heads with enny a lot since she got back from LA and  I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on . Working with this young god is amazing , she is such a beautiful soul and a master of funny one liners with a unique sense of style  . I am going to do a full post on enny so you guys get in tune with what I am talking about soon enough. Swallow skittles not pride . Peace!


nAme: Funferekeniye Koroye

city: LAGOS , repping bayelsa

 ♣Describe your style in three words

fuck your opinions

 ♣ What’s your favorite  item in your wardrobe right now?

 christain louboutin leopard print shoes 

  If you had the chance to fill your wardrobe with just one brand what brand would it be and why?

i would have to say lacoste, the use of color is impeccable and precise.

♣ What trend do you think should die ?

people who wear jordans like moccasins, especially females who think it is cute.

 ♣ who is your style icon ? i dont have one, it use to BE  Andre 3000 and skate board p (Pharell williams)  but i have outgrown them.

 What would you not be caught dead in ?

Chicago bulls merchandise, not hating but people wear it to look cool even though they don’t even know the history or watch basketball.

♠ if you had the chance to own something exclusive to only you what would it be ?

i want to own a classic ducatti biposto and a takashi yamaguchi loft

♣ Who is on ur playlist right now ?

Childish gambino

theopilus london

chiddy bang

lykke li



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