IMG_1135 l Poetry,dance,music,paintings beautifully littered everywhere and an ant like crowd definitely woke the city up to ART. I apologize for having too much fun and not concentrating on catching everything for you guys but I hope this chips away every brick of disappointment.

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chase recording artist street style R&b recording artist Chase, knows how to put a note or two into his personal style. Since I have known this gentleman his take on modern style has always been refreshing. Stemming from street wear myself, I find it very inspiring to see the culture morphing into a platform where personal style is becoming so easy to incorporate.

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IMG_3675  IMG_3695  IMG_3672  IMG_3693  IMG_3680  IMG_3694A long weekend is never complete without a trip out of town with your own special crew of crazy friends. I enjoy the long drives and the way the universe plants your favorite song right in the  middle of  the playlist just when your sleepy little head slides down the shoulder next to you, but my favorite part is all laughter and shameless selfies.

what-i-wore \  Shirt by Ralph lauren. Shorts by dickies.Loafers by GH BASS.Tote bag by Coach



Mixing classic menswear items with street wear is where I call my second home. Growing up I was knee deep in street wear, so deep I never thought I would be able to even rock a shirt let alone a tie, now I find my myself at my best mixing my first love (street wear) with what I have grown to love. A lot of guys are not comfortable with the idea of a suit a pair of sneakers, I don’t blame them, and mastering the suit itself is a journey let alone mixing it something as edgy as street wear so I understand why most men steer away. Pairing pair of sneakers and a suit simply boils down to the old bone in the book of menswear; proportions. If you are thinking of trying out the look I would advise you bank on sneakers with slimmer silhouettes that will compliment a nicely tailored suit, bulky looking sneakers will definitely throw your proportions off the scale. Keep the contrast clean, the solid navy sneakers definitely stands its ground against the less distracting double breasted suit.    Page2

Suit by Canali ,pocket square by J. Crew,sneakers by NEW BALANCE/ JOHN LOBB , glasses by cutler and gross


img_1065.6 img_1058.1 img_1061.7

I love sleepers; that’s what we call sneakers that very one and their mum don’t queue around the block for but still pack a punch. These 100% leather upper with contracting rubber soles are just about clean enough for that sunny Saturday, I am personally in love with the white number, pairing them with a pair of distressed light wash denim wouldn’t hurt at all. Shop here



I am totally in love with these Denim high top sneakers with vulcanized rubber sole in red from Diesel. The red vulcanized rubber sole definitely contracts perfectly with the jean- themed detailing denim upper. As a big fan of distressed denim the fade on these sneakers makes them an ultimate favorite, at $170 this baby might just make its way into my recently revived collection of sneakers

41001M050009_3_1  41001M050009_4_1Review by Allen A. Coleman


IMG_4670  IMG_4663  IMG_4649  IMG_99n63  IMG_4613  IMG_4626  IMG_4757  IMG_4772  IMG_0032  IMG_7432-2   IMG_5196I have started buying sneakers again , I have also saved my  Sunday afternoon 4pm slot as ‘’time with the girls(shoes)’’, my religious habit of wearing oxford shirts on Saturday is still in church mode and I really need to know others seem to think pairing them with a bow tie is too dressy for the weekend , I think can’t stop listening to Sam smith’s Latched because it reminds me of Dita’s smile, I love how my beard is growing, I feel scruffy but kept at the same time, strange? I know

All photos : Allen A. Coleman

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