When you live in the tropics, there are two things a man can’t turn down; a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day and a well tailored linen jacket.This linen blend jacket is beautiful, even though it’s missing a bit of it’s birthmark wrinkles,the way it drapes more than makes up for it. A suit has to have character, it’s said that it is necessary for the man to make the suit, but there is definitely nothing wrong with the suit setting the tone. This jacket has character, slipping into it almost feels like stepping into a movie role.

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sartorial With the internet and its 2 million style bloggers there is a lot to pick inspiration from, but one thing I always maintain is not get distracted from your ‘’comfortables’’. There are certain items that I wish I could pull off, and even though it makes me tingle with frustration I never stray from my clothes that work for me. I might never walk the streets in short-shorts but I definitely know how to work a medium length shorts and a blazer. I love wearing shorts, aside from the excuse to show some skin, I love it how it tones down a jacket for the perfect weekend rendezvous.

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IMG_4670  IMG_4663  IMG_4649  IMG_99n63  IMG_4613  IMG_4626  IMG_4757  IMG_4772  IMG_0032  IMG_7432-2   IMG_5196I have started buying sneakers again , I have also saved my  Sunday afternoon 4pm slot as ‘’time with the girls(shoes)’’, my religious habit of wearing oxford shirts on Saturday is still in church mode and I really need to know others seem to think pairing them with a bow tie is too dressy for the weekend , I think can’t stop listening to Sam smith’s Latched because it reminds me of Dita’s smile, I love how my beard is growing, I feel scruffy but kept at the same time, strange? I know

All photos : Allen A. Coleman

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menswear 2014  menswear africa   HTW  MENSWEAR TAILORING AFRICAI have never been warm to single breasted notch lapels since Harvey specter turned it into the password for the secret menswear club meetings, but outside the work wardrobe I think it’s the perfect item to break the weekend in. This seersucker notch lapel jacket from the icon English brand with functioning sleeve buttons packs a punch; Hackett has an amazing way of making any garment they stamp their brand on seem very British, I could do with a plate of fish and chips in this jacket.

Notch Lapel seersucker jacket by Hackett, Shirt by TM Lewin, Gray pants by Jack Reid, Vintage Suspenders and Tassel loafers by Johnston & Murphy


IMG_5847My love for menswear is not a secret, even if it was my work wardrobe would be a dead giveaway. I love the traditional color code menswear sticks to, it’s simple and elegant, something I find too hard to resist. I love strolling into the office in skirts but there is something I find very powerful about a woman owning a well tailored pair of pants and shirt. Pairing pink with grey has always been one of my favorite nicks from the menswear code book, it’s quintessentially British, and that conveniently hits close to home.

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Button down Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, cut-off granddad jeans and pair of worn in desert boots ; it honestly doesn’t get more American than that. Lately my weekend wardrobe has been leaning towards a more rugged look compared to my usual clean and tailored outfit, I blame it all on  my recent fixation with old photos of Ralph Lauren gallivanting about on his ranch. Fellow blogger NATE BUI got me started on cut off denim pants and now I can’t seem to get enough of them, they seem to put the ‘’rugged’’ in every outfit.

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IMG_2491DITA’S.LAB.I love my clothes but I am partially addicted to the habit of stealing the show from the boys when I can. Girls have been jealous of the overwhelming scent of freedom in the man’s wardrobe for centuries, and the annoying thing is they look a tad bit better on us ( if you disagree kindly make yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading ). Blues and browns; nothing beats this classic preppy combo, it’s an automatic recipe for an elegant ensemble. I love club collar shirts and this one happens to be one of my all time favorite stolen goods (I don’t think I will ever see sunlight if Allen ever decides to put me on theft charges). I paired them with this cute boy shorts and my favorite Lorenzo Banfi fringe loafer. I love outfits that come together easily with comfort of course, and a pair of boy shorts and a shirt clearly does it for me.

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