- Stewart, James_01 STYLE ICON ♣  A lot of men in the past have left sartorial bread crumbs for the gentlemen of our time to follow, yet  One name that manages to always escape the lot mentioned is the 50’s award wining actor James Stewart. One look at James Stewart and the words harmlessly- bold quickly slips to your lips. Even in his photos, James exudes a certain kind of warmth that does not seem to have been instructed by a photographer. James Stewart sports a suit as if he broke away from sleep in them, he infuses so much character into the  wide lapel grey suit and dark tie combo with sartorial command. Many might attribute this man’s attention and appreciation for details from his military roots before he got  into acting, just look at his tie knots and how they are placed and contend that fact if you have the stomach to. James Stewart was a fine actor and a finer gentleman.

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PHOTOGRAPHED BY ALLEN COLEMAN FOR FRESHWALLSTREET.COM IMG_7753The next time someone tries argue with me on the subject that style cannot be bought I might feel really tempted to whip this photo out . When style is this unique you appreciate it more simply because it feels as though you are witnessing something exclusive to the moment . I love the cut of the pants , I may not have enough Rambo juice in me to pull that off but that’s the beauty of it , he does. PHOTOGRAPHED BY ALLEN COLEMAN FOR FRESHWALLSTREET.COM IMG_7748Thank you for reading , all photos by Allen Coleman for

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