aw14-tuz-pants-grey-1The Tuz pants from online retailers A KIND OF GUISE, is not your conventional pair of pants but you can’t deny it’s quite an interesting take on the focal point of any man’s attire. The full cut reminds of the way my dad use to wear his pants back in the day, with no sign of creases, like he went to bed with a steam iron.

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The first part of the war is almost over ! I’m back home in Pretoria for the week and I want to thank all those who kept checking back and forth for updates ( if your smart ass had subscribed you heart wouldn’t be missing  beats every time you hit the refresh button hoping for an update ) , but I love you guys for holding down my stats. I am still not out of the loop yet but I am going to updating when I get the time to, don’t worry its going to be regular. So I ripped my favorite denim in the crotch, met some new people and finally bought something new . I really appreciate all the emails and the comments! You guys have no idea how much appreciate you taking time out to share your views. ALLEN is grateful.

FWst Street detail | a TRIBE called FRESH

“Style is not fitting in and neither is just about standing out , its not being in tune what’s new or a pitching a beautiful tent in the old .Style is not a platform for want to be mannequins , or the last destination measure  for acceptance . Style is you, its what the world is in your Eye, I have seen mine and I am intrigued by yours so whenever you wonder what people will think or say about what you truly want , you dilute your story”_ allen coleman Visuals courtesy of Enny of . I have bumping heads with enny a lot since she got back from LA and  I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on . Working with this young god is amazing , she is such a beautiful soul and a master of funny one liners with a unique sense of style  . I am going to do a full post on enny so you guys get in tune with what I am talking about soon enough. Swallow skittles not pride . Peace!

FWst presents The cursed Print

   It seems the unseen table of style curators still have their tents pitched up in the jungle , after leopard print took over the world it seems like the snake print’s hiss has started to gather volume . Everybody loves prints, but the snake and the leopard print have been doing back and forth like they were pacing nervously in front of the principal’s room. After the  leopard print craze   the belly crawler has been popping up everywhere from shoes to man bags. The snake print with no helping hand from its creepy origin is just beautiful, period. I really hate it when I have to admit that something is trending, that’s because then I feel like its follow road where everybody gets caught up and individuality loses its umbrella. I know one unique print can’t be made for everyone but unique style can identify with its own and so I’m going to give the snake print a pass . I love it because its not a bold print but still takes a little effort to stand. The unique thing about the snake print is that even in bright colors like the Gucci python pumps it still has an ability to exude class and make what I call a loud matured statement.  Most often the snake print is found in more earth tones and so it works well with almost anything apart from other prints, whatever you do don’t clash them with other prints. Like everything in life overdoing the snake print is not advised at all, and that’s an ALL pronounced with an extremely oval shaped lip action. Its not surprising that the female section is stacking up these prints due to its attention seeking pattern and its  ability to hide figure flaws .I haven’t fallen out of love with leopard print but I’m bored , if you find yourself in the same class with me kindly raise your hand protest, snake print please!


I am always more than excited  when my little flygerian angel comes to town, and this time I am permitted to put business and pleasure on our agenda….i am getting dressed up just to tick  both when they are done with. If you are an avid reader of this blog then Bubu ( CEO of fashion label  iamisigo), who just got to town to promote and host a style market event which I happen to be part of shouldn’t be new to your visual , if she is kindly feel free to take notes..the like icon is at the bottom 

Bubu is one of the few who have constructed their own way when it comes to style. I admire her for one thing and that’s the fact that her style doesn’t bring anyone to mind but herself  . With her signature head wrap and a keen eye for vintage inspired pieces Bubu is a tornado of style.l lBubu POSTED  with Terrence Sambo of ONENIGERIANBOY.COM Show offs!

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