Last weekend Dita and I got invited to a bow tie event that required us to sport the bow tie that came as the invitation, brilliant idea if you ask me. We snuck into a parking lot after the party and squeezed in some photos for the night. Dita dressed up her denim bow tie with her latest DIY denim shirt, topped off with a navy vintage pleat skirt for the perfect contrast and a hint of brown from her CLARKS soft wear heels and vintage city bag.


IMG_0635♣  If you have been a fan of the blog for a hot minute then this face shouldn’t be new to you . Running into ms Lowry is like running into jungle box head first , you will never know  what is going to come out from her magic  bag of style . I have probably mentioned how much I love women in over sized men’s shirts about a Million times on here . I haven’t even gotten over women in Jordan’s and here come the ones in chukka boots .

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I basically chased this lady down the block just to get the scoop on the maker of her boots and if they had a male version, I unfortunately  got into ‘’photography’ talk and totally forgot to ask her  . I love her boots and the laid back way she rocked it , and the light wash denim shirt never gets old .♣ MORE →

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”Style transcends beyond they way garments are individually put together. In fact, the elements that decorate the canvas of style is endless. Style sets us apart individually, and so your posture, the way hair your sits, the depth of your smile, the tender tone of speech all come together to create the unique existence of one. ‘’_theCOLE+Kid  >>>MORE PHOTOS

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‘’You will see the  drama ,struggle, dreams,creativity,thought process,preference, insecurity  and strength if you look closely .You would be surprise the things a simple of clothing can say at a glance ‘’_ allen coleman >>more photos

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FWst presents | #FLIGHT SKOOL

If there is a ever moment where I get to be frozen through time I want to be caught in a denim shirt and a pair of chinos with a clean handkerchief and something to carry every memory that I ever wrote down. Life is not short, it’s just enough to start, make a mistake, learn, love and repeat your favorite things to till the end. I am making it a point never to leave out my favorite things in life which strict schedule as to when they come into play and that includes some amazing humans, the fried yam with pork chops from Lagos Avenue, galaxy cookie crunch and my denim shirt. ‘’I hear my people question,’’what is the world coming to ?’’, but the truth is, this is what the world is and what the world’s been _@teffTHEdon Shirt: Kenneth cole denim shirt , pants: topman ,knitted by vertigo, D.I.Y brooch ,shoes by kurt Geiger, vintage document wallet from


#Lovefactor ♥ When it comes to the list of things I love seeing on the opposite sex a denim shirt sits right beneath an apron and baby goo. The denim shirt somehow has the ability to triple its cool stripes on women, and I can’t attribute it to either the way the denim shirt forms loosely on their body frame or the perfect choice of color women easily afford to pair them with.

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