IMG_0635♣  If you have been a fan of the blog for a hot minute then this face shouldn’t be new to you . Running into ms Lowry is like running into jungle box head first , you will never know  what is going to come out from her magic  bag of style . I have probably mentioned how much I love women in over sized men’s shirts about a Million times on here . I haven’t even gotten over women in Jordan’s and here come the ones in chukka boots .

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IMG_2845-2 I started shooting my wardrobe with the sole purpose of inspiring people who think “having style ” is a plane ticket away from them . I appreciate the essence of visual , the rest were inspired by the sharply dressed guy on the tube , the flamboyantly dressed gentlemen who made all those black and white classic movies easier to sit through with my sisters . My point is ; style is a celebration of self , a way to say I love the way poetry dangles of emotions and don’t mind the fact that my clothes tell the same story ♣ 

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