allen coleman creative menswearLast week, I was looking forward to the weekend, just so I could test drive my new and old light wash denim pants. I have been obsessing about scoring a pair for years, yes, for years; my picky self won’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to the big bad washed denim. I came across this pair on one of my thrift rendezvous and just by the wash and the little details I knew I had found it. The denim pants were a little generous in the waist and length, but the distressed patch that settled right on my knee and the little coffee stains made it hard for me not to chance my arm on it. After a couple of days I picked the denim pants up from my tailor’s and they were just as I had imagined them, perfect. I love the look of tailored denim pants, they look cleaner with no break and it definitely helps not to walk around like I scored it from the dad jeans section.

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Page6Most of my Friday looks usually revolve around the celebrated casual uniform of a single breasted navy jacket and a pair of beige chinos; the rest usually give it a face lift every now and then. For this look, I went with my go-to blue shirt and a rusty orange tie for a healthy Friday morning contrast. The orange might be too much of a statement on other day of the week but Friday fits just fine. If you have your blue and beige then you can’t really leave out the brown, can you? Ditch your socks after work and show some skin for that ‘’going to get drinks’’ look right when you clock out.

Allen x.


IMG_9755IMG_9764  IMG_0043  IMG_0052  IMG_0066  IMG_0057  IMG_9722  IMG_9742  IMG_9841  IMG_9946  IMG_9311I am glad I picked up this weekend photos series. I find it  pretty decent the way these photos are able to freeze the weekend just so I am able to relive them behind my work desk till the next one comes along. I figured I should stop writing and let the photos do the talking but I changed my mind right before I hit the publish button; how do I post without commenting on that beautiful 1961 Mercedes Benz Se Coup! Isn’t she a beauty!..OK enough writing.



I love it when women borrow from our wardrobe , its sartorially refreshing  to see menswear appreciated in this manner .The moment I laid my eyes on this lady I couldn’t resist the refreshing play of menswear classics in her ensemble,  all the way down to proportion and fit .

photo  : freshwallstreet®



  People seem to easily acknowledge  a good and impeccable wardrobe , they appreciate the thought that goes into a well thought out ensemble  yet they often think  for some reason it’s out of their reach. I created this blog to inspire others, my dream is that the properly dressed guy won’t always have to be the “fashion guy”” in the room .

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