MILK CRATE spring/summer 2013


BUY.COLLECT.OBSESS .I love this paint brushed print and tie-dye shirt from MILK CRATE ATHLETICS 2013 spring/summer collection, definitely a must pick for a 90’s head like me. I love the bold and vibrant color play that 90’s clothing identified with, that era certainly knew how to put the fun factor in clothing, something milk crate athletics is on the track to mastering. The space for t shirts in my wardrobe has seen its days but I am definitely going to put in space and a buck for those tie-dye t shirts and bucket caps when they are released online.milkcrate-athletics-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-2photos are not property of

FWst a tribe called fresh | complete cypher

In the word’s of my favorite word smith ‘’suede timbs on my feet keeps my cipher complete’’.  They said to bring something back so I picked up my pair of timberland 6 inch construction boots and reclined the seats; don’t mind me I am in rapper mode. My love affair with timberland construction goes way back to when Mugabe got his driver’s license, and I can’t deny that every now and then the memory of my baggy denim cuffs fighting for a resting place on her laces .Time has passed and these babies are back in my shoe rack,in  moments like these   black men try to blush. Back then when I was knee deep into street wear  I  sported  timberland boots with baggy jeans which were twice my size and so for some time now I have been killing to see if I could do more damage with a pair of  pants that were tailored or more of fit . When my boots came in I was a little confused as to how to incorporate them into an ensemble without making it seem like I was looking to bring back those days when I use to think pink was the most beautiful woman on earth, but I found foot and decided to stick to the original format with a new school approach. These wheat colored babies stand out with little help but I thought letting them play stage with just dark tone colors would be too basic so popped it with some electric blue courtesy of topman.

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