After meeting the creative director of the newbie fashion house Tuedor & Wright  backstage at the recently held Ghana fashion week, she was kind enough to bless us with our favorite piece from her latest collection. The lace t-shirt was an immediate favorite, the graphic print makes it very hard not to love this effort from Tuedor and Wright. The brand is working on a menswear edition which is scheduled to launch soon, until then I have to control my envy whenever Dita struts around in hers.

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In my opinion I think DITA is one of the best dressed women online;  I say that because first of all she is my girlfriend and the fact that she has an uncanny ability to channel both women and menswear with impeccable execution makes it hard to ignore my claim. Dita seems to have a multiple personality syndrome when it comes to her wardrobe, that’s the only way I can explain her ability to command her ‘’girly’’ clothes and still manage to channel menswear better than most men I know.

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_MG_3890My favorite style spotting on day one, block stripe print shirt paired with a pair of short cropped print pants, simple and elegant. I love style hunting for individuals who don’t come out looking desperate during fashion week, this outfit looks simple to put together but hit every trendy note just fine.

_MG_3892  _MG_3893 photo: Allen Coleman



Exquisite! If more women conveyed this much elegance in African inspired outfits, it might actually chip away my passive appreciation for this cornerstone of our culture.I do not dislike African inspired prints but on the subject of what I’ve seen so far, this comes out on top.

photo : Allen Coleman
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