IMG_1480As a kid,my parents thought the classic movie channel was a better suite than the action channel, which flooded it’s time slots with all my favorite bone snapping movies starring Steven Siegel. I complained bitterly at the time, but now I’m sort of grateful, considering everything I picked up from watching all the great actors who have managed to come back to life via tumblr, making me feel I am retweeting photos of old friends. My time spent behind the black box has definitely helped my journey into classic menswear, I think it’s the reason my idea of colour in a man’s wardrobe has stayed so conservative. I skipped the matching pocket square and tie phase really quick to a more confident space, where my interest fell on quality and a solid appreciation for “what works effortlessly”. I unconsciously picked up on the colour work of the men I religiously watched for hours growing up, due to the absence of colour in majority of the classic movies I enjoyed watching, infusing too much of colour has never been my cup of tea; it often feels like I am trying too hard. The Classic movies I was

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Beige and green, one of my favorite color combos never gets boring and it easily gets the pick whenever i am in doubt of what to wear. When i buy clothes, i find it quite simple purchasing  based on utility and color, it makes it so much easier to fit new buys into my wardrobe

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When it comes to earth tone colors the universe entertains addiction and cases of overdose. I love my earth toned colored garments especially brown, and even though the color board says it’s boring I find this color utterly interesting and calm. If you have a lighter complexion dark brown works wonders in contrast with your skin, on the other hand if you are as dark as I am this is your  chance to look like a chocolate river. The trick to working more than one shade of an earth toned color like brown is to play with the different shades shades of the color, enough to inject some character into the ensemble, and then break it off with an odd piece that grounds the contrast like I have done with my shirt.

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IMG_5661About a month ago I bought two waist coats on impulse whiles thrifting and today I am honestly mad at myself for missing out on this piece of garment for so long. I have never fancied a full three piece suit, and its simply because I find it rather stiff than elegant, but in the case of an odd vest I couldn’t agree more,that this piece of garment definitely knows how to throw a touch of piñache into an ensemble.

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The brown suit is unapologetic-ally slept-on in the world of menswear, and its mainly because a only a few men know what exactly to do with this staple of suiting. A few years a go by virtue of my addiction to sale reductions I picked up a brown suit that went on to become a surprising favorite, a fortunate stroke of serendipity that i have grown to appreciate the more with each wear. With no vents this single breasted suit affords a slimmer look, but the restrictive movement can be such a an annoying price to pay.This brown two button suit from Taylor& Wright settles into my addiction of pairing my browns with my blues and it’s also the easiest way to stand out in the coffee room.

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Button down Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, cut-off granddad jeans and pair of worn in desert boots ; it honestly doesn’t get more American than that. Lately my weekend wardrobe has been leaning towards a more rugged look compared to my usual clean and tailored outfit, I blame it all on  my recent fixation with old photos of Ralph Lauren gallivanting about on his ranch. Fellow blogger NATE BUI got me started on cut off denim pants and now I can’t seem to get enough of them, they seem to put the ‘’rugged’’ in every outfit.

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_MG_5218My impulsive self decided to cut off my three-button Ermenigildo Zegna Jacket and it luckily turned out to be the beginning of a love affair. I have been wearing my short sleeve jacket almost every single weekend nonstop.  I love this jacket so much the urge to cut off half of my collection of odd jackets is a battle. This jacket gets worn everywhere, and that’s simply because I throw it over everything and it works! (Photo by Dita)

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IMG_4223  I have always maintained that the best way to nail a patterned jacket is to play them against solid items, in my experience it always works. I have had this patterned Jacket for a hot minute but it doesn’t get much wear, the pattern is gorgeous but it feels quite stiff for a few hours before it breaks into its comfort form and I get it with every wear. The fit doesn’t feel like a second skin but it makes up for it in color and pattern.  I decided to play on beige and ground the outfit with some dark solids. Usually I stick to one patterned item but I was feeling a little adventurous so went for the kill with the pocket square.       

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