IMG_9763Do not ignore my pose in the first photo, that is what happens when you walk around with Pharell’s ”Happy” stuck in your head. Back to regular schedule,sometimes it feels like my wardrobe will never rotate outside my fixation on blues juxtaposed against calm notes of earthy browns, but hey I thought Pamela was never going to come out of those red swim suits but  she did, so let’s not cross our fingers .

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THE.STORY. I stopped this beautiful lady during an arts festival I attended this past weekend and asked to photograph her ,she humbly obliged to my request but then the most interesting thing happened.Just as I collected myself to shoot her she started dancing to the drums of the festival like someone turned on the happy dance switch. I found out she was a performer and her gig was later that night at the festival. I have officially met a slave of music.

IMG_2665photo: Allen Coleman


IMG_0874 I am proud of myself, a few years ago, I wouldn’t entertain the thought of print pants in my wardrobe, now I practically adore them so much that my initial dislike for them would seem unbelievable. Yet, I am still learning to be a bit more adventurous with my clothes in a very toned down way. Solid pieces are my go-to when it comes to playing loud pieces; their ability to form a perfect backdrop for prints is uncanny. I try as much as possible when I can to steer away from obviously loud colored prints. Being desperate with your clothing in my opinion kills elegance.

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So I officially covered my First engagement/wedding as a photographer and I am so excited about sharing the images once I am done editing them. However I couldn’t resist the urge to post the best dressed guest at the engagement. I Love how elegantly played her ensemble is, hands down a one photo tutorial on how to play minimalistic jewelry and red shoes with an abundant touch of class. I am going to post more candid photos and a few candidates on my best dressed list just to show how we get down.

photo : allen coleman


IMG_2430-Edit  Every other Sunday Dita and I drive down to our favorite spot in the city after church and take photos for the blog , our last drive however took a pleasantly unexpected turn when we stumbled upon  this abandoned  park with a very friendly security guard who allowed us to prance around and take photos . I wore a lancetti suit, which happens to be my all time favorite ‘’low budget off the rack suit’’ ,paired with my favorite print shirt. I am always on the hunt for new ways to sport a suit on the weekend, and switching up the everyday toe cap brogues for a full vamp loafer with no socks never fails to turn a boardroom staple into a full blown weekend battle-ax. I added the doctor’s bag just to show off, it was recently purchased and the honest truth is I just couldn’t wait to show it off. We are going to have a couple of them for purchase when the online store launches. Thank you.

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