IMG_6014Nigeria based menswear label Bosi and Charles, is officially the first from Africa to make it’s way into my favorite menswear brand list. I know my list is a tough one, and with that said it means Bosi & Charles must have pulled a great rabbit trick to get in there. I have become a believer of the brand since I saw their collection during the glitz Africa fashion week. I might be a bit too jumpy to crown them the best I have seen off the continent so fa, but the minimalistic approach they employed for their collection comforts my decision. Most menswear brands in Africa find it hard to walk the minimalistic line, often filled with desperation to be picked up by magazines and other platforms via bold colors and exaggerated silhouettes that forevermore distracts one’s focus from the main theme of the collection. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s infamous colonial masters,

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_ARC0446.450x675I am in love with Umit Benan’s fall 2014 menswear collection, and this is not because nothing like its nature has ever graced the catwalk before, but simply because collection possess something most shows do not, style. There are no ground breaking designs or never before seen take on menswear, but it’s nothing short of the purest form of style one can put out for an audience to tap into.

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stella-jean05Its official, nobody does African inspired print like Stella Jean. I have seen a slew of designers trying to re-invent the print with a modern twist but none have done it quite like Stellar Jean does. The spring/summer 14 collection gets the mix right, fusing classic menswear with statement African inspired print pieces hits the ball right out the park. Stella Jean knows her print, and more importantly how to fuse with other pieces, this collection is a how to wear African print garments tutorial. My favorite picks are definitely the double breasted jacket and the -t shirt and button down hybrid .

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_MG_3890My favorite style spotting on day one, block stripe print shirt paired with a pair of short cropped print pants, simple and elegant. I love style hunting for individuals who don’t come out looking desperate during fashion week, this outfit looks simple to put together but hit every trendy note just fine.

_MG_3892  _MG_3893 photo: Allen Coleman



Exquisite! If more women conveyed this much elegance in African inspired outfits, it might actually chip away my passive appreciation for this cornerstone of our culture.I do not dislike African inspired prints but on the subject of what I’ve seen so far, this comes out on top.

photo : Allen Coleman
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