IMG_7756The downside about running around town with your bestie is that times loses weight and starts running ten times faster than usual. The truth is dita and I hit a very rough patch,because we both just went a week without our favorite pickings at our usual Sunday afternoon eating spot, so to make up, we stuffed our faces in hopes of getting the time to stop long enough to take it all in from the top. We hope you all had a great a weekend, have a blessed week. IMG_7762  IMG_7789  IMG_7803  IMG_7811


drunk in love

If you have an appreciation like I do for menswear, then being around an individual like Allen will definitely take it to a new level. In menswear nothing is too little to ignore (look at me sounding all knowing), from color code to proportions, it almost makes it seem very stiff and very ”rule” centered from a distance  but if you look closely it’s all nothing but art if you ask me. I have come to appreciate the little big things about menswear so much that it has found its way into my personal wardrobe. _ Dita

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IMG_6341People don’t take casual Friday too seriously form what I have observed. The license to dress down obviously got taken too seriously by some. It’s refreshing to get out of the stiff working wardrobe and show up to work in something more relaxed but still sharp enough to kick ass and take names at the office.

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IMG_5847My love for menswear is not a secret, even if it was my work wardrobe would be a dead giveaway. I love the traditional color code menswear sticks to, it’s simple and elegant, something I find too hard to resist. I love strolling into the office in skirts but there is something I find very powerful about a woman owning a well tailored pair of pants and shirt. Pairing pink with grey has always been one of my favorite nicks from the menswear code book, it’s quintessentially British, and that conveniently hits close to home.

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After meeting the creative director of the newbie fashion house Tuedor & Wright  backstage at the recently held Ghana fashion week, she was kind enough to bless us with our favorite piece from her latest collection. The lace t-shirt was an immediate favorite, the graphic print makes it very hard not to love this effort from Tuedor and Wright. The brand is working on a menswear edition which is scheduled to launch soon, until then I have to control my envy whenever Dita struts around in hers.

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In my opinion I think DITA is one of the best dressed women online;  I say that because first of all she is my girlfriend and the fact that she has an uncanny ability to channel both women and menswear with impeccable execution makes it hard to ignore my claim. Dita seems to have a multiple personality syndrome when it comes to her wardrobe, that’s the only way I can explain her ability to command her ‘’girly’’ clothes and still manage to channel menswear better than most men I know.

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I feel very blessed to have someone whose style syncs with mine so effortlessly , too often me and Dita find ourselves in love with similar pieces which I totally blame on her love for menswear inspired clothing and fit. On the day of the festival, an oxford shirt and a pair of shorts seemed like the perfect easy-go outfit for the sunny afternoon, guess who showed up thinking the same.

IMG_2851 IMG_2854
On me: shirt by Ralph Lauren, shorts by dickies, shoes by Johnston & Murphy , tote bag by coach , vintage sunglasses // On Dita : shirt by Ralph Lauren , thrifted shorts, shoes by lorenzo banfi , sunglasses by blossom and Wednesday vintage exclusive.


IMG_2491DITA’S.LAB.I love my clothes but I am partially addicted to the habit of stealing the show from the boys when I can. Girls have been jealous of the overwhelming scent of freedom in the man’s wardrobe for centuries, and the annoying thing is they look a tad bit better on us ( if you disagree kindly make yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading ). Blues and browns; nothing beats this classic preppy combo, it’s an automatic recipe for an elegant ensemble. I love club collar shirts and this one happens to be one of my all time favorite stolen goods (I don’t think I will ever see sunlight if Allen ever decides to put me on theft charges). I paired them with this cute boy shorts and my favorite Lorenzo Banfi fringe loafer. I love outfits that come together easily with comfort of course, and a pair of boy shorts and a shirt clearly does it for me.

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