IMG_3387 When it comes to pairing blue and brown your granny’s wise words might slip the occasion sometimes but this combo here has consistency for decades . In my opinion bright colors instantly have a masculine aura when paired with natural and dark tone colors .

IMG_3384When it comes to the subject of the pocket square every man has got their personal ring on it . Mine is simple ; when I sport a tie with a jacket my pocket square sticks to the invincible tv fold . I love the way the flat pocket square fold compliments the suit in a clean and bold way without losing the structure the suit line builds . I’m keen to sport a puff or any fold but when my tie is done-up its always the flat fold .IMG_3529
IMG_3521These Allen Edmonds toe cap brogues have been stuck to my feet for a week now .My obsession with thrifting shoes is not Ailey about the character that these shoes inherit but also the test if quality . I have imagined these shoes fresh out of their box a couple of times but I still can’t get over the character and the test of time written on it now . #note : the online store which by his grace will be running at the end of the January will be stocking Allen Edmonds and other exclusively curated vintage footwearIMG_3530l thank you for reading , all photos by edyth schandorf for freshwallstreet.comIMG_3577


  1. Best part about the ensemble is definitely the bracelet! I love combining something really chic and even a bit formal with leather or metallic. Great pairing sir!


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