“The ability to accept change, to embrace it without losing yourself and what you stand for is strength’s I.D card. A couple years ago if you showed me today I would probably shake my head at every scene. I started this blog to show people it was alright to be themselves and be more , little did I know  I was sitting in the boat I was rowing . These past few months have been a blessing in a way that I didn’t see coming , every time I run into a good soul I pick something up and with every inspiration I wake up wanting to be more  of myself . Accepting or learning something doesn’t mean you were nothing without it but simply better now.  Mistakes will be made and mistakes will be corrected, but only the strongest will know that they still have the jewel of not repeating that mistake and the jewel of knowing better. “  _thecole+kid  (excuse the crunch face below , its my new camera shy facial)

Dark wash Denim jacket by GAP DENIM , Nautica stripe t shirt by replay ,Denim pants by Levi’s , Shoes by CONVERSE (John parcels) , hat by MR. Price , Bag by connie island from trainwreck vintage store,Key brooch from @mscboutique , Scarf by h&m.


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