street photography in africaI realized very early in my project to spread smiley faces across the world that the task of letting my audience and especially my subjects to trust and understand my vision was inevitable .I Learnt firsthand how difficult that was in the case of doing that in minutes of meeting a stranger. I saw this lady right after listening session from one of my favorite street jazz band, as soon as saw her the visual printed of her smiling in my head was instant.

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IMG_6276When I shoot street portraits I always find myself asking my subjects to smile which I consider ‘’cheating’’, but on the day that I met Nina and her adorable sister it was so unscripted that I took home more than 14 shots of her fixing her hair. The funny thing is I was shooting her sister I when I spotted her beaming and ‘’braidstorming’’ right there on the pavement.

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IMG_3675  IMG_3695  IMG_3672  IMG_3693  IMG_3680  IMG_3694A long weekend is never complete without a trip out of town with your own special crew of crazy friends. I enjoy the long drives and the way the universe plants your favorite song right in the  middle of  the playlist just when your sleepy little head slides down the shoulder next to you, but my favorite part is all laughter and shameless selfies.

what-i-wore \  Shirt by Ralph lauren. Shorts by dickies.Loafers by GH BASS.Tote bag by Coach


IMG_9755IMG_9764  IMG_0043  IMG_0052  IMG_0066  IMG_0057  IMG_9722  IMG_9742  IMG_9841  IMG_9946  IMG_9311I am glad I picked up this weekend photos series. I find it  pretty decent the way these photos are able to freeze the weekend just so I am able to relive them behind my work desk till the next one comes along. I figured I should stop writing and let the photos do the talking but I changed my mind right before I hit the publish button; how do I post without commenting on that beautiful 1961 Mercedes Benz Se Coup! Isn’t she a beauty!..OK enough writing.


IMG_7756The downside about running around town with your bestie is that times loses weight and starts running ten times faster than usual. The truth is dita and I hit a very rough patch,because we both just went a week without our favorite pickings at our usual Sunday afternoon eating spot, so to make up, we stuffed our faces in hopes of getting the time to stop long enough to take it all in from the top. We hope you all had a great a weekend, have a blessed week. IMG_7762  IMG_7789  IMG_7803  IMG_7811
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