IMG_6014Nigeria based menswear label Bosi and Charles, is officially the first from Africa to make it’s way into my favorite menswear brand list. I know my list is a tough one, and with that said it means Bosi & Charles must have pulled a great rabbit trick to get in there. I have become a believer of the brand since I saw their collection during the glitz Africa fashion week. I might be a bit too jumpy to crown them the best I have seen off the continent so fa, but the minimalistic approach they employed for their collection comforts my decision. Most menswear brands in Africa find it hard to walk the minimalistic line, often filled with desperation to be picked up by magazines and other platforms via bold colors and exaggerated silhouettes that forevermore distracts one’s focus from the main theme of the collection. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s infamous colonial masters,

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blossom and wednesdayI have been creating images and strips of movies in my head since I could count to three. Ever since I picked up a camera, my vision of things has somehow been different from the norm; that means I work with bold clients only. I believe in simple visuals that form an encouraged reaction with the viewer. Early this year, I started the 5 brands x FWST, this project  was to basically showcase my visuals  through the works of a few brands that I truly respect,

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IMG_4567   Ever since I scored this three button unconstructed jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, I have been hunting for the perfect light wash denim to complement them for my advanced jay Leno look. Nothing says I am about to have a swell weekend like a pair of light wash denim. These heaven-sent denim pants are from faded glory, I know, that’s the last brand I expected this gift to come from. The weight of these denim pants are really light they feel like one of my tuxedo pants, with that I have had them tailored extra slim for a sharper feel, and I totally love the outcome.

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IMG_3798 Before i had any knowledge in suit fabrics, I found the thought incorporating waist coats into my wardrobe quite absurd, considering the fact I live in the tropics where it’s humid all year long. I have encountered a lot of gentlemen who share this ignorant view and i believe it’s mainly due to their little or no knowledge in the types of fabric that exist. Most men on a good day will not go past the color and fit of a suit, which usually leads to bad-buys, and the inability to distinguish the appropriating suiting for different seasons. For example , I find it amusing how a lot of gentlemen gawk at any suit with a slashed price

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IMG_3776 Men secretly love the things they can’t control, especially when it works in their favor”. You can anticipate that fact that leather will age with time, but you can never predict the exact shade it will take in regards to discoloration from constant wear and polish. Menswear has more than enough expressed it’s love for “patina”; which is basically the natural discoloration of full grain leather over time of use. The love of patina has escalated to a level where footwear manufactures are able develop artificial patinas courtesy of master artisans straight from the factory to the consumer at a welcomed cost.

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IMG_9933 This is sneak peek of an upcoming feature on the lovely duo behind the brand OSEI-DURO and a preview of their latest collection for an online publication that i can’t name just yet.Dita and i had tons of fun with the duo on the shoot which was in their lovely home studio, i can’t wait to show you guys what we ended up shooting after goofing about all afternoon.I am going to let you guys in on the feature when it goes up. I want to thank everyone who made this happen. PEACE! IMG_9751Featured garment in first photo by OSEI-DURO, Print pants in second photo by OSEI-DURO ( photo by Allen Coleman )
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