dita freshwallstreet africa style   After days of going back and forth on design and fabric, this is what Dita finally decided on to a wedding we recently attended. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to create a look from scratch, especially when you get to be in studio whiles your idea is being brought to life. Next time we put an outfit together I am damn sure going to document everything from a A-Z.freshwallstreet   IMG_3399photo & write up : Allen A. Coleman
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My wardrobe proudly conservative but men like Mr. Kweku Boateng ,the creative director of Brommon Bespoke make it pretty tempting to jump out of my shell and get a little adventurous like he does with this three button window pane suit.
photo: Allen A. Coleman


IMG_0956  IMG_0957  IMG_0962  IMG_0970photo : Allen A. Coleman

The Weekend #4


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The highlight of our weekend ; we got the chance to ransack the new @blossomWednesday Vintage shop a day before  it opened its doors to the public, we are pretty excited about this shop, it’s been quite a journey seeing this brand grow from a ‘’phone shop’’ to a ground store in just under two years. Aside that, Dita and I were up to our usual no good, sampling night market foods and scoping out new hang out spots. I got to take my new unconstructed three button blazer from Ralph Lauren for quick spin and it turned into a two day affair, it felt like second skin so I wore through out the weekend, blame me?

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IMG_0140  IMG_0079  IMG_0146  IMG_0157  IMG_0128  IMG_0095  IMG_0159

Dress by @BlossomWednesday, Shoes by Dune, Bracelet by @HTWshoes, Vintage leather bag from @BlossomWednesdayVintage

photo: Allen A. Coleman


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