IMG_1072Shoes,shoes, shoes is all this gentleman knows? Not exactly but I take pride in my love for shoes, I have seen the shoes on the guys in the IT department and I would pay more than an arm and a leg not to comeback in my next lifetime in anything they own. Hunting for shoes has become a sport that I have developed quite a liking to, the process is a patient one especially when it involves scouting countless shelves of shoes in thrift stores. In most cases when I spot a pair of shoes I quickly do my research on the brand and its history, unfortunately sometimes some of these shoes have no trace of the maker. In the case of this beautiful tan brown lace ups, I picked it up and walked away with a smile just off design and thorough inspection. The stamp of quality just from going through serious wear and finally landing on thrift store shelves in good condition is primary reason why I love scouting for vintage shoes.   IMG_1067   IMG_1073photos & Write up : Allen A. Coleman















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IMG_2481photo: Allen A. Coleman



Last year I had the privilege of working with the good people over at studio 189 for their African inspired collection dubbed ‘’fashion rising’’ , an artisan-produced fashion collection launched in support of V-Day’s One Billion Rising, working to stop violence against women and empower females by building sustainable fashion and artisanal businesses.In the process my hands were called to shoot an editorial to celebrate their inaugural collection featuring handmade garment drawing heavy influence from Africa. Read More


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Surfing, is that what these kids from the local township are doing? I was pleasantly surprised and interested in what these kids who are a million miles from the surf culture were doing riding these calm waves with planks of wood. As soon as I saw these kids I rushed back into the beach house a friend of mine allows me to frequent when I feel the need to escape the city, I came back with my camera and started shooting away. These kids couldn’t explain or give me any insight into the origination of their Saturday ritual, and I found that so interesting, that kids who had never heard the ‘’surf’’ and even worse had no idea about the culture behind it, were so far and yet so close to man’s desire to conquer and make one with God’s way of waving at us.



A young fish monger frantically searches for his slippers whiles the canoes approach the shores with the day’s catch.

 ‘’I pointed his slippers out to him after I took the photo’’

photo: Allen A. Coleman


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