street photography in africaI realized very early in my project to spread smiley faces across the world that the task of letting my audience and especially my subjects to trust and understand my vision was inevitable .I Learnt firsthand how difficult that was in the case of doing that in minutes of meeting a stranger. I saw this lady right after listening session from one of my favorite street jazz band, as soon as saw her the visual printed of her smiling in my head was instant.

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Dl542Since I decided to continue my real smiley photo project i have managed to veer  of my usual street style subjects to the everyday people I meet whiles combing the inner city streets of wherever i find myself. Within such a short time it has brought more meaning to my art of taking photographs. In my pursuit of collecting as many episodes of happy moments as I can, I usually end up smack right in the middle of it laughing my face off, i never knew meeting strangers could be this fun. Sometimes I get to make someone smile just by giving them my time and attention, sometimes I walk away with laughs that I don’t get the permission to capture and then there are times that i get to walk away satisfied like I did after I shot this inner city kid. He loves football, he wouldn’t say much but he just clutched on his ball and kept smiling.

photo : Allen A. Coleman


IMG_51Nb68When I am not shooting street style or neck deep in one of my photo projects I love to dabble in the randoms. Last weekend I spent my time running about shooting my favorite collectible in their ‘’natural’’ habitat, I honestly didn’t have anything better to do with my Sunday afternoon so I just kept shooting till I came up with this. I grew up on smurfs, and I am not afraid to admit they single handedly sum up a chunk of my childhood memories so this impromptu shoot was a little sentimental. If you logged on for some good old sartorial fix kindly forgive me, at least now you know why I can’t stay away from the blues.
photo : Allen A. Coleman


menswear photographyYes, I made space for another green tie in my wardrobe and I am so proud of myself. To be utterly honest I don’t think any man should put a ceiling on how many neck ties they own let alone the ones in their favorite color. I recently picked up this grant Thomas tie with so much ease, in the course I found out that buying items on the strength of quality and aesthetics less the fuss about the label really goes a long way.

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IMG_1072Shoes,shoes, shoes is all this gentleman knows? Not exactly but I take pride in my love for shoes, I have seen the shoes on the guys in the IT department and I would pay more than an arm and a leg not to comeback in my next lifetime in anything they own. Hunting for shoes has become a sport that I have developed quite a liking to, the process is a patient one especially when it involves scouting countless shelves of shoes in thrift stores. In most cases when I spot a pair of shoes I quickly do my research on the brand and its history, unfortunately sometimes some of these shoes have no trace of the maker. In the case of this beautiful tan brown lace ups, I picked it up and walked away with a smile just off design and thorough inspection. The stamp of quality just from going through serious wear and finally landing on thrift store shelves in good condition is primary reason why I love scouting for vintage shoes.   IMG_1067   IMG_1073photos & Write up : Allen A. Coleman















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