IMG_3601It will almost always feel like yesterday when my little teenage self  kept blowing up my mum’s phone just to double check if she got my Jordan’s in the right color . It still amazes me that an iconic footwear like the Jordan brand has transcended from being just another pair of sneakers on the court to representing a culture where we all belong just by our appreciation of its iconic  designs .  ♣

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I run into this gentleman the other day and I was intrigued with the individuality in his ensemble. I came up from the street wear culture so my eyes automatically spots  notes from that culture, I was literally just stopped in my tracks when I eyes caught on the denim vest with the print patches which for some strange reason didn’t seem to clash with the print pattern t shirt it was paired with .And yeah there is nothing like a pair of  Jordans on a weekend. >>>MORE PHOTOS  

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