menswear photographyYes, I made space for another green tie in my wardrobe and I am so proud of myself. To be utterly honest I don’t think any man should put a ceiling on how many neck ties they own let alone the ones in their favorite color. I recently picked up this grant Thomas tie with so much ease, in the course I found out that buying items on the strength of quality and aesthetics less the fuss about the label really goes a long way.

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sartorial With the internet and its 2 million style bloggers there is a lot to pick inspiration from, but one thing I always maintain is not get distracted from your ‘’comfortables’’. There are certain items that I wish I could pull off, and even though it makes me tingle with frustration I never stray from my clothes that work for me. I might never walk the streets in short-shorts but I definitely know how to work a medium length shorts and a blazer. I love wearing shorts, aside from the excuse to show some skin, I love it how it tones down a jacket for the perfect weekend rendezvous.

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IMG_3770Purchasing  a new strap for a watch is like renewing your vows; it makes everything go back to being brand new. Ever since I got this Nato strap for this nautical number that was gifted a few years ago, it feels like I just took them out of their box. This watch has treated well and even though I loved the old worn in strap, I figured this captain America inspired Nato strap would do better with my casual wardrobe. This watch was not unveiled at a Geneva watch convention but does boast of a mean design. Nautica® has been my go-to watch brand ever since I got my first pay cheque, they may not cost a leg and an arm but they will serve you well. I am going to revamp my old watches with some more Nato strap just to relive this feeling of resurrection.IMG_3773photo and written  : Allen A. Coleman

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Page6Most of my Friday looks usually revolve around the celebrated casual uniform of a single breasted navy jacket and a pair of beige chinos; the rest usually give it a face lift every now and then. For this look, I went with my go-to blue shirt and a rusty orange tie for a healthy Friday morning contrast. The orange might be too much of a statement on other day of the week but Friday fits just fine. If you have your blue and beige then you can’t really leave out the brown, can you? Ditch your socks after work and show some skin for that ‘’going to get drinks’’ look right when you clock out.

Allen x.


IMG_9846_7d723483-6dc8-4c1a-928e-2ae0c0a3e382_1024x1024The double monk strap will forever be the royal baby in the menswear blogger world but tits the single monk strap that does it for me. It’s sleek and conservative, it doesn’t scream out ‘’I know menswear now’’ but it will definitely make you look like you knew your stuff before the sartorialist became everyone’s favorite bookmark. These beautifully crafted good welted single monk strap can be snatched at the gentry right this second.

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IMG_3675  IMG_3695  IMG_3672  IMG_3693  IMG_3680  IMG_3694A long weekend is never complete without a trip out of town with your own special crew of crazy friends. I enjoy the long drives and the way the universe plants your favorite song right in the  middle of  the playlist just when your sleepy little head slides down the shoulder next to you, but my favorite part is all laughter and shameless selfies.

what-i-wore \  Shirt by Ralph lauren. Shorts by dickies.Loafers by GH BASS.Tote bag by Coach


IMG_3496  I hate weddings invitations with wardrobe instructions, and that’s mainly because couples somehow lose the appreciation color of their big day. Lucky for me my latest wedding invitation leaned more to the classic side, a black tie wedding. I find Black tie weddings to be very classy and elegant, definitely a good excuse to pull out my shawl collared tux from DAKS London. I also took a newbie in my wardrobe out for a spin , I will put up a post about this mystery addition in a bit.I was in a room filled with close friends and some new ones and it so happens my camera was in hand. ENJOY

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