SIMPLY KILLIN’ IT [sim-puhl-Ly'-ˈkɪlɪŋ-it] v.

style allen anang colemanAfter dabbling in a little color forward phase with my wardrobe I am back to my uniform.Clean and simple, with more blues, grays and a slight hint of color via accessories. As a creature of habit I am aware of what works for me, and that means my ensembles usually gravitate towards more simple and clean with strong dependecy on fit with less distracting colors and patterns. Irrespective of your wardrobe I believe getting around fit and array of colors that work for you makes everything fall into place pretty easy.

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street photography africa by colemanSitting there waiting for a smile to break makes one feel like they are game hunting. You can’t hear the conversation but you can almost feel the climax coming on as soon as the smile starts to break, then there is a pause, and then the smile lingers till it breaks into laughter.

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1010659 I am not looking to pick a new watch anytime soon but if I was I wouldn’t think twice about getting this beauty on my wrist. I am not the panerai luminor series guy so unfortunately clean and minimalistic designed watches work for me, I have had a Sekonda for a year, I wear that girl 5 times out of seven each week. I admire the construction and build that comes with luxury watches, but I am such a sucker for good old good looking watch that will last as long as an HBO TV series.

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NOMUZI MABENA Getting someone to smile is not an easy thing let alone doing under 5 minutes of meeting them. I refrain from asking my photo subjects to smile, I feel like the dishonesty will show in the photo, and that takes away the purpose of spreading the honest evidence that no matter what is out there there is always something out there to smile for. I talk with my subjects whiles I am shooting just so I don’t miss a beat, sometimes all it takes is a little compliment or the awkward question ‘’would your boyfriend mind if I use your photo as my wallpaper for the next 2 months?’’

photo: Allen A. Coleman


Khaled-8 The contrast border pocket square has gone up the menswear love ladder pretty fast, you can’t go a page on any menswear inspired tumblr page or blog without spotting one. Like every item of clothing that becomes extremely popular there is always a dedicated group of individuals joining the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons, in the case of the contrast lined pocket square there is o exemption. I nicked two photos off the internet to demonstrate how the contrast pocket square should be done. In the photo above a white pocket square with orange contrast sits comfortably in the breast pocket echoing both the bold solid orange necktie and the subtle presence of orange in the patterned jacket, is it much? Very much. When you throw color around like that it  looks desperate and less thought out, my orange lined pocket square matches my tie, wow that was rocket science? The trick is to go light on the coordination and more on making the contrast pocket square complement the ensemble than ask for attention.

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cam_4009_copyI love slippers for those special black tie events but I aside that there are only a few brands out there making them enticing enough to break them out with a pair of denim pants. On the topic of slippers Del toro just put out a few slippers that I think will look better in glass box sitting in a well done up room.

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TAILORING AFRICAWith my dark complexion i should be very warm to the use of loud colors according to skin tone and color rule, but unfortunately i tend to stay from too much color simply because i find it too desperate, almost like a call for unneeded attention. I’ll bet on being  the last one in the room to root for an odd jacket in a loud color, but in my defense for  this purple three button jacket from Zegna I humbly submit to my obsession with rusty hues of bright colors, i cant resist almost any color in  linen with darling wrinkles as beautiful as these.

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IMG_51Nb68When I am not shooting street style or neck deep in one of my photo projects I love to dabble in the randoms. Last weekend I spent my time running about shooting my favorite collectible in their ‘’natural’’ habitat, I honestly didn’t have anything better to do with my Sunday afternoon so I just kept shooting till I came up with this. I grew up on smurfs, and I am not afraid to admit they single handedly sum up a chunk of my childhood memories so this impromptu shoot was a little sentimental. If you logged on for some good old sartorial fix kindly forgive me, at least now you know why I can’t stay away from the blues.
photo : Allen A. Coleman


IMG_6276When I shoot street portraits I always find myself asking my subjects to smile which I consider ‘’cheating’’, but on the day that I met Nina and her adorable sister it was so unscripted that I took home more than 14 shots of her fixing her hair. The funny thing is I was shooting her sister I when I spotted her beaming and ‘’braidstorming’’ right there on the pavement.

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