IMG_7220 I keep hammering on the fact that I purchase tie on how visually pleasing they are and how they were made. I have never made branding an issue till this purchase. This purchase was a slap in the face because I hate Versace and everything the brand stands for. I’ll never hesitate to put Versace at the helm of the reason why I dislike the world of fashion.

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IMG_6100For a while now, I have been convincing Dita to play around with Ankara fabrics, but my rants usually lead her to the deeper end of her honest dislike for the fabric, which has had a really popular run around the world. I used to share the same affection with this fabric, but I have grown to appreciate it with time. I have always had a problem with the motifs on most of the fabrics that flood the market,

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tumblr_n5epvz6f4S1rf1jvro1_1280 I recently discovered this photo of a 1982 gentleman wearing five buttoned jacket with just the top button done up and I instantly caught some fresh dose of inspiration behind my desk. Without color it’s pretty much easy to stare at this photo on end just of the sheer execution of fit and the very infectious sense of character.

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allen coleman style I am always encouraging people to play Around with their wardrobe but it seems I never do. Coming from a t-shirt and pair of jeans background, stepping to a more sartorial plane sort of convinced me there was little room to play about without running into another  rule of thumb. Lately without too much thought  I have been trying to incorporate a little edge from my street wear days into my wardrobe, and these gum soled wallabees from Clarks couldn’t have picked a better time to make a comeback on my shoe rack.

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racing green ties vintage ties

 yes i am back again, showing off my new finds but this time with new friend, Thomas  shellstagger. Thomas speaks spanish and a little bit of german, plus he loves the smell of new ties, especially the ones that come in earthy colors.This tie holds the favorite title in my tie rack right with the most minimal wear, why? i don’t want everyone getting use to it so pull it out during on the eve of game of thrones finales, now thats a schedule.

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street photography in africaI realized very early in my project to spread smiley faces across the world that the task of letting my audience and especially my subjects to trust and understand my vision was inevitable .I Learnt firsthand how difficult that was in the case of doing that in minutes of meeting a stranger. I saw this lady right after listening session from one of my favorite street jazz band, as soon as saw her the visual printed of her smiling in my head was instant.

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russel and bromleyAfter I picked up a suede desert boot from Russell and bromley last year ignorantly thought I had exhausted any space for boots in my wardrobe till I came across this beautiful pair of brown leather chukka boots during one of my trips to the thrift store.

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allen coleman stylist africa menswearIn comparison to workwear my casual wardrobe has been a difficult one to build. Coming from a Sneakers and t shirt background it has taken me quite a while to firmly place my feet down when it comes to dressing down when I am off work. I haven’t done too bad and on days when I get to pull out my one of my favorite weekend jacket from Tommy Hilfiger I can almost feel the finish line coming on.People tend to think wearing jackets on a weekend is too dressy but I think the pivot rests on how it’s worn.  I love wearing jackets on the weekend, aside from looking well put together it easily. Sails through any occasion from lunch to late night meetings.

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Dl542Since I decided to continue my real smiley photo project i have managed to veer  of my usual street style subjects to the everyday people I meet whiles combing the inner city streets of wherever i find myself. Within such a short time it has brought more meaning to my art of taking photographs. In my pursuit of collecting as many episodes of happy moments as I can, I usually end up smack right in the middle of it laughing my face off, i never knew meeting strangers could be this fun. Sometimes I get to make someone smile just by giving them my time and attention, sometimes I walk away with laughs that I don’t get the permission to capture and then there are times that i get to walk away satisfied like I did after I shot this inner city kid. He loves football, he wouldn’t say much but he just clutched on his ball and kept smiling.

photo : Allen A. Coleman

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