IMG_4670  IMG_4663  IMG_4649  IMG_99n63  IMG_4613  IMG_4626  IMG_4757  IMG_4772  IMG_0032  IMG_7432-2   IMG_5196I have started buying sneakers again , I have also saved my  Sunday afternoon 4pm slot as ‘’time with the girls(shoes)’’, my religious habit of wearing oxford shirts on Saturday is still in church mode and I really need to know others seem to think pairing them with a bow tie is too dressy for the weekend , I think can’t stop listening to Sam smith’s Latched because it reminds me of Dita’s smile, I love how my beard is growing, I feel scruffy but kept at the same time, strange? I know

All photos : Allen A. Coleman

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Photography offers something we all wish we could do in real life, and that’s going back and correcting the errors. As time passes, passion and the nature to know more will always carve out something new, luckily for me I get to go back to the drawing board with what i have picked up . Lately I have resorted to re-working my old photos with my new found eye, I somehow battle with this new addiction because I simply don’t know how I am going to keep up with this ever changing eye of mine. Read More

The Weekend #4


IMG_9982  IMG_99no96  IMG_9n999           IMG_0068  IMG_0076  IMG_0113  IMG_0105  IMG_0142  IMG_0162  IMG_0171  IMG_0150  IMG_0103  IMG_0108  IMG_0179  IMG_99N53  IMG_9956

The highlight of our weekend ; we got the chance to ransack the new @blossomWednesday Vintage shop a day before  it opened its doors to the public, we are pretty excited about this shop, it’s been quite a journey seeing this brand grow from a ‘’phone shop’’ to a ground store in just under two years. Aside that, Dita and I were up to our usual no good, sampling night market foods and scoping out new hang out spots. I got to take my new unconstructed three button blazer from Ralph Lauren for quick spin and it turned into a two day affair, it felt like second skin so I wore through out the weekend, blame me?

All photos property of freshwallstreet.com


IMG_0140  IMG_0079  IMG_0146  IMG_0157  IMG_0128  IMG_0095  IMG_0159

Dress by @BlossomWednesday, Shoes by Dune, Bracelet by @HTWshoes, Vintage leather bag from @BlossomWednesdayVintage

photo: Allen A. Coleman


freshwallstreet allen coleman  allen coleman stylist 01  stylist allen coleman  style africa  IMG_0758  IMG_0795     IMG_0651  IMG_0807

Beige Kaftan by Local Bespoke tailors. Beige Chinos by Dockers.Desert boots by Russell & Bromley. Bracelet by @HTWshoesl


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