IMG_1658  Everyone has that one item that they don’t see their wardrobe without , mine happens to be my beige chinos, nothing in my wardrobe gets more wear than these hard rock chinos from Dockers. I love my chinos to death, I know it’s probably something I should be saying to my girlfriend but I honestly can’t resist it on the strength of this loyal thread of clothing.

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Last year I had the privilege of working with the good people over at studio 189 for their African inspired collection dubbed ‘’fashion rising’’ , an artisan-produced fashion collection launched in support of V-Day’s One Billion Rising, working to stop violence against women and empower females by building sustainable fashion and artisanal businesses.In the process my hands were called to shoot an editorial to celebrate their inaugural collection featuring handmade garment drawing heavy influence from Africa.

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Page7Wardrobe Section : Casual with a Sartorial twist
Where to? : Work (Casual Friday) , lunch date, meetings on the weekend, church, Wedding

I want to thank everyone for the feedback on the looks I have been putting up recently; it’s really humbling to know I am inspiring the wardrobes of my readers with my little self.

Allen x


1008626-4  1008627-4  1008627-5  1008627-6Since I live in the tropics I get totally excited when the spring/summer offering start trooping in especially in tropic friendly materials like linen. My lid days are completely nonexistent, but these 6 panel linen lids from Norse Projects deserve a buy and a walk on the beach. I am a complete toast for the green number.
Allen x


IMG_1358  IMG_1270   IMG_1315  IMG_1285  IMG_1243  IMG_1320  IMG_1316  IMG_1346       I have nicknamed the solid navy suit the ‘’38 special’’ simply because like the gun that it’s named after it gets the job done, right. Usually the solid navy suit is tagged as boring, and I agree to an extent when the subject of texture and pattern  is thrown out. However, I hold a strong view that the solid navy suit is at its best in the hands of an experienced owner. I love the solid navy suit for one obvious reason; it serves as a perfect canvas, one that’s plain enough to get a little adventurous with. My collection of ties is pretty much very conservative with majority of them being solid , but the bold motif printed ones come out to play when the solid navy suit hits the deck. Printed motifs bounce of the solids very well, this makes the solid navy suit invaluable to a versatile wardrobe, especially one that is fond of patterned shirts and ties. The navy suit is perfect for me, it sits well with my hefty collection of blue and pink shirts (THAT IS ALL A MAN NEEDS) .My rule for the solid navy suit is simple; keep either my shirt or tie patterned one at a time, for example I kept the shirt solid and employed a bold motif tie for the finish.

Suit by Alexander Ross,Shirt by Hackett, Tie by John comfort,Vintage silk pocket square, black cap toe shoes by Johnston and Murphy,Bracelet by HTW.


IMG_1045Black has always been my first love when it comes to shoes, but unfortunately I am the pickiest person on this side of the planet so adding a new girl to my collection comes about once in a convenient while. I picked up this beauty for a client whom I share the same feet size with and totally forgot about it after the client passed on it. Courtesy of a room clean out I crossed paths with this beauty again and it has since been my weekend crusader. I love these high vamp fringe tassel loafers, it’s definitely one those silhouettes that has somehow lost its appeal with what’s mainstream, I am not ready to launch a campaign but I am definitely going to give this fringe tasseled loafer some serious wear.
photo & wording : Allen A. Coleman


Page4The weekend is almost here so I thought I would put together one of my favorite looks to share. Countless times my debit card and 10% have battery life have without a doubt saved many days, I can’t say my healthy collection of polo shirts have done the same but I will admit that they cut pretty close. Polo shirts are easy, they say casual with an Italian accent if you rub them long enough. I have always fancied the way Italians wear their polo shirts, with dress pants and penny loafers. With this look I gave it a modern twist with a pair of white lo sneakers from common projects, you can work this look with any sneakers that has a similar slim silhouette. Blue polo shirt, grey pants ; you simply can’t go wrong with this color combo, they are a go to classic for a reason so today is not the day to doubt it.
Allen xx


My transition from street wear to my present sartorial wardrobe wasn’t an easy one, and it all stemmed from my inability to speak through clothing without brand names hanging from every limb. Street wear is not a stroll in the park, instead of having an acquired taste for the  knowledge of fabric and pattern choice, knowing the newest brand simply got you the crown most times with street wear. The fact this rule did not play out in sporting a suit truly exhausted me with getting it right. In the world of suiting nothing plays a more vital role than choice. The Choice of fabric, color and fit; learning how important these three little birds were made all the difference in my wardrobe, especially when it boiled down to  the ART of employing a shirt, tie and a suit with perfect  Harmony . With time I understood why sporting a suit required every thread of the wearer’s personality, apart from it being the cornerstone of the ensemble itself, one’s personality  echoed in every single item, be it the way a gentleman knots a tie or the careless way his pocket square peaks out of his breast pocket. Paying an arm and a leg for a bespoke suit and not being able to walk around with a tag suggesting my well deserved expense bothered me at first, it totally killed the joy of dressing up for me, prancing around with new clothes on in utter silence( who does that?). With time patience found me, and as the desperate need to flaunt my status through clothing left me and a new wave of appreciation filled the void. Soon enough i  realized how close the art of suiting is to finding one’s self. Wearing a suit puts you in a box, one that does not keep you from who you are but gradually teaches you to become a better you. If you are bold one a suit will channel that trait with enough elegance. (Photo courtesy of the Armoury)
Allen x



Mixing classic menswear items with street wear is where I call my second home. Growing up I was knee deep in street wear, so deep I never thought I would be able to even rock a shirt let alone a tie, now I find my myself at my best mixing my first love (street wear) with what I have grown to love. A lot of guys are not comfortable with the idea of a suit a pair of sneakers, I don’t blame them, and mastering the suit itself is a journey let alone mixing it something as edgy as street wear so I understand why most men steer away. Pairing pair of sneakers and a suit simply boils down to the old bone in the book of menswear; proportions. If you are thinking of trying out the look I would advise you bank on sneakers with slimmer silhouettes that will compliment a nicely tailored suit, bulky looking sneakers will definitely throw your proportions off the scale. Keep the contrast clean, the solid navy sneakers definitely stands its ground against the less distracting double breasted suit.    Page2

Suit by Canali ,pocket square by J. Crew,sneakers by NEW BALANCE/ JOHN LOBB , glasses by cutler and gross

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