loro pianal 4 solid navy blue ties and I am still out here catching the blues. I know you asking yourself, “does he really need to keep buying the same thing over and over again?”. The trick with navy ties is that they always come in a different hue of blue, and if you happen to be one who cares about matching your blue right down to the hue then you understand my obsession with these beauties. Personally I hate pairing navy ties and navy suits with different hues, in my opinion it mars the cohesion of the ensemble, so I try as much as possible to pick up ties that work well with the blues in my wardrobe.

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EYES, #1

Eyes are the organs of vision. As basic as that sounds i find the eyes to be open of the intriguing and complex part of the human body. In portrait photography it’s encouraged to focus on the eyes, simply because it usually forms the focal point if the image, an eye in an eye. Over the years I have pretty become very obsessed with the human eye, especially in captured images. The eye authenticates emotion displayed in images, for example, it’s easy to spot a manufactured smile from a real one from the subject’s eye. I find the eye more intriguing when the subject has a blank expression, it automatically becomes a blank canvas with which you can pair any thought or emotion for the subject. I will be featuring 50 photographs under the theme project named EYE, 20 of which will be available for sale upon request when the project is completed. Thank you.
photo: Allen A. Coleman


 When you live in the tropics, there are two things a man can’t turn down; a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day and a well tailored linen jacket.This linen blend jacket is beautiful, even though it’s missing a bit of it’s birthmark wrinkles,the way it drapes more than makes up for it. A suit has to have character, it’s said that it is necessary for the man to make the suit, but there is definitely nothing wrong with the suit setting the tone. This jacket has character, slipping into it almost feels like stepping into a movie role.

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MENSWEAR AFRICA Beige is slowly taking over my wardrobe, this three button hopsack jacket from racing green is the third beige jacket I have picked up this year, and it just happens to be my favorite one for obvious reasons ; soft tailoring, unconstructed and very flattering silhouette makes it hard to go through the weekend without this jacket.

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chase recording artist street style R&b recording artist Chase, knows how to put a note or two into his personal style. Since I have known this gentleman his take on modern style has always been refreshing. Stemming from street wear myself, I find it very inspiring to see the culture morphing into a platform where personal style is becoming so easy to incorporate.

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LARDINI, F/W 2014/15

1682_pasini-aut-inv-1996-8If you i had to wear one brand for the rest of my life what brand would it be?  I may change my mind later on but right now i would have to say Lardini. The Lardini has been around for  while producing for other brands like Valentino and Salvatore ferragamo, but it’s their ready to wear line that’s slowly turning into a menswear cult.

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menswear tiesWith the slew of weddings lined up, I am glad I picked this candy green tie from the iconic brooks brothers. I have quite a number of green ties but none as loud as this , which I think is  perfect for showboating at an event like a wedding. Choosing ties with which part of your wardrobe it will fit in definitely helps, be it formal or casual it helps you avoid picking up ties you might never get to wear, utility is key .

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IMG_5721Why do you uncuff your sleeve? Undoing a button on functioning sleeve seems like a fairly innocent and graceful act of style and preference until you get asked to explain the reason behind it.I would like to point out that Questions from individuals who are totally oblivious to the happenings in menswear puts a neat paw on why menswear is so crazy about certain things, it makes you wonder if the surgeon’s cuff has a chance wearing the white ”button” and saving the world. According to history, Savile Row was inhabited largely by surgeons

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