17-09-2014_neighborhood_1947baseballtee_navy_1 Totally digging Japanese brand Neighborhood’s fall/winter 14 collection, I have a few favorites from the collection but I decided to show ones that top my list. The retro baseball t shirt is just pure genius, I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming with street wear’s recent love affair with baseball apparel. The color work and font is so reminiscent of retro baseball jerseys. These are great pieces I would love to repeat from season to season.
17-09-2014_neighborhood_1947baseballtee_navy_2 17-09-2014_neighborhood_1947baseballtee_navy_31 17-09-2014_neighborhood_cwpbaseballtee_grey_1 review by allen coleman


IMG_164n3 Eyes are the organs of vision. As basic as that sounds i find the eyes to be open of the intriguing and complex part of the human body. In portrait photography it’s encouraged to focus on the eyes, simply because it usually forms the focal point of the image, an eye in an eye.Over the years I have pretty become very obsessed with the human eye, especially in captured images. The eye authenticates emotion displayed in images, for example, it’s easy to spot a manufactured smile from a real one from the subject’s eye. I find the eye more intriguing when the subject has a blank expression, it automatically becomes a blank canvas with which you can paint any thought or emotion for the subject. I will be featuring 50 photographs under the theme project named EYEs, 20 of which will be available for sale upon request when the project is completed. Thank you. 


IMG_9933 This is sneak peek of an upcoming feature on the lovely duo behind the brand OSEI-DURO and a preview of their latest collection for an online publication that i can’t name just yet.Dita and i had tons of fun with the duo on the shoot which was in their lovely home studio, i can’t wait to show you guys what we ended up shooting after goofing about all afternoon.I am going to let you guys in on the feature when it goes up. I want to thank everyone who made this happen. PEACE! IMG_9751Featured garment in first photo by OSEI-DURO, Print pants in second photo by OSEI-DURO ( photo by Allen Coleman )


IMG_0257 I love jewelry, but unfortunately it falls under the category of things that come to life on everyone else apart from me. Meet fellow photographer Mr letsa (pronounced le•tcher), I bumped into him the other day and I wasn’t about to let him slide without getting a shot of his well curated metals.Men tend to over do jewelry, yet its quite surprising how Mr. Letsa pulls his off without coming off gaudy. I love the brass and the anchored rope bracelet very much, makes me want to start sacking up bracelets again. I really fancy pinky rings, but for some unknown reason every ring wants to come off my finger after 5 seconds flat.I guess it won’t hurt  sticking  to the appreciation chair till I gather up guts, enjoy.

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LITTLE BOXERS BY ALLEN COLEMANJames town, the birth place of seven world boxing champions, has bestowed on itself the duty to keep boxing alive in a country dominated by soccer. Situated in Ghana and the east of Accra, the town has become home to boxing, almost every renowned boxing export Ghana has had, came through this town. The town is dominated foremost by fishing and then boxing, unfortunately fishermen do not get to fly the world and appear on television, so the the youth have taken to boxing as a ticket out. During the just held arts festival, ring ropes formed by an excited crowd, gave way to a street bout for the town’s beloved  “little boxers”. Standing at an average height of 3″ feet, these

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