IMG_9933 This is sneak peek of an upcoming feature on the lovely duo behind the brand OSEI-DURO and a preview of their latest collection for an online publication that i can’t name just yet.Dita and i had tons of fun with the duo on the shoot which was in their lovely home studio, i can’t wait to show you guys what we ended up shooting after goofing about all afternoon.I am going to let you guys in on the feature when it goes up. I want to thank everyone who made this happen. PEACE! IMG_9751Featured garment in first photo by OSEI-DURO, Print pants in second photo by OSEI-DURO ( photo by Allen Coleman )


IMG_0257 I love jewelry, but unfortunately it falls under the category of things that come to life on everyone else apart from me. Meet fellow photographer Mr letsa (pronounced le•tcher), I bumped into him the other day and I wasn’t about to let him slide without getting a shot of his well curated metals.Men tend to over do jewelry, yet its quite surprising how Mr. Letsa pulls his off without coming off gaudy. I love the brass and the anchored rope bracelet very much, makes me want to start sacking up bracelets again. I really fancy pinky rings, but for some unknown reason every ring wants to come off my finger after 5 seconds flat.I guess it won’t hurt  sticking  to the appreciation chair till I gather up guts, enjoy.

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allen coleman creative menswearLast week, I was looking forward to the weekend, just so I could test drive my new and old light wash denim pants. I have been obsessing about scoring a pair for years, yes, for years; my picky self won’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to the big bad washed denim. I came across this pair on one of my thrift rendezvous and just by the wash and the little details I knew I had found it. The denim pants were a little generous in the waist and length, but the distressed patch that settled right on my knee and the little coffee stains made it hard for me not to chance my arm on it. After a couple of days I picked the denim pants up from my tailor’s and they were just as I had imagined them, perfect. I love the look of tailored denim pants, they look cleaner with no break and it definitely helps not to walk around like I scored it from the dad jeans section.

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natural-1 A few summers ago when espadrilles popped back unto popularity, I  tried gravitating towards them but the force field wasn’t having it, and maybe my wardrobe was too busy getting acquainted with all the new things classic menswear had to offer in my early days, never the less the universe didn’t give up on my struggle with summer’s staple choice of footwear. A few years down and I back here all in gratitude to Axel arigato’s beautiful take on the espadrilles. I can completely see my self four pairs deep in these full vamp tassel loafer inspired espadrilles courtsey the man who set out to conquer the world of menswear at the age of 13. I am particularly fond of the neutral color ways of the upper and the contrast pop of the tassels, true genius.

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I never in a million years thought a pair of beige chinos would go on to be one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. I practically lived through high school in a pair, I couldn’t wait to go out into real world and Ditch them for good, little did I know I was going to fall right back in love with them. I have gone on to love  these beige chinos so much my casual wardrobe has pretty much built itself around it. One thing I love about menswear is that the bread crumbs will never lead you astray, the said classics have a way of proving themselves.

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IMG_1868 The navy suit, the strong arm of classic menswear, it’s been rumored that when God created the earth he stood over the heavens in a single breasted navy suit with horn buttons. As dreadful as what I am about to spill May sound I mean well, you can’t escape the classic navy suit if you have any plans of building a versatile wardrobe. Most men sound disappointed when they find out the key to their dreamy wardrobe lies in a plain old solid navy suit .

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Allen coleman stylistBefore this unconstructed peak lapel seer sucker jacket I always thought of British tailoring as unbearably boring and in dire need of character, thanks to mr Hackett I might just have to do a 180 in shame. Soft shoulders, peak lapels with functioning cuffs right off the rack might just make a this brand a main stay in my wardrobe. With a fit like this right off the rack  it’s easy to understand why it’s one of Britain’s favorite menswear brands. I don’t think I have gathered enough guts to wear a full piece seer sucker suit just yet, for now I think I’ll stick to pairing them with separates and keep the ketchup off my fish and chips.

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464403_mrp_cu_xl For years I have bought countless pairs of denim in search of the perfect denim with no success.I don’t understand why nobody ever says finding the right pair is such a hustle. It’s just about how they fit, if you are a denim person you know what I mean. How soft or rigid the cotton is, how distressed, how it was dyed, the quality, and I won’t even dive into the “lived in” feel that can’t be casually ignored if you love your denim. Till date I have never seen a natural lived in feel on denim that these light wash denim pants from simon miller. These denim pants are beautifully, if the price tag wasn’t that steep I would have picked up three pairs, just enough to keep rocking them into the ground( please don’t bury me in these) . I can’t vouch for the fit of these pants but as far as the wash and fade go, this baby here has half the job done. With fabric sourced from Italy and manufacturing done in Los Angeles , these pants have the best of both worlds, elegant structure and a rugged finish.



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