IMG_9083We chose Bôhten eye Wear as part of our 5 Brands series for one particular reason; they are brand with a real story, an honest one carefully nursed with their passion for business and an undeniable desire to infect their surroundings with their contagious attention to quality and delivery.

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LOLA by Allen A. Coleman

It’s been one interesting little ride of art since I started shooting Lola, it’s been about a month now and I must confess I am enjoying every bit of it. Art wise it has been liberating, but its damn near impossible running around with a beard and a doll without catching a few blank stares. Creating life around a lifeless object is quite interesting, this isn’t my first time going down this path but Lola’s

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IMG_6777 I haven’t been shooting out of ‘’blog mode’’ for awhile and that’s mainly because I haven’t taken up any serious projects since AFRICA SKATES. Lucky for me my new muse has broken the hiatus, meet Lola. I love shooting subjects that don’t need bathroom breaks or don’t pick up their phones when you call, and Lola here is nothing like the ordinary muse. I found her under of crap of nothings whiles thrifting and her facial expression just held me captive. I have decided to create life around lola with my camera until she grows a more content facial expression. Her eternal supermodel pose and facial expression is going to make this project an exciting one.

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Photographed by Allen A. Coleman


Street.Photography I spotted this little girl in a little settlement a few meters from the shore where most of the Local fishermen live, looking very shy as she spotted me with my camera I could sense she was warm to the attention but still very nervous. To disguise her sweet discomfort she placed her palm over her left eye and stood there like I was transparent. Dear little Fisherman’s daughter, thank you.

photo: Allen Coleman


tumblr_mtadjfBwSK1qhohbvo1_1280Once the posts stop trickling in, you knows something is big is coming, insert grin here. I know I have been going on about shooting my first wedding for a hot minute and I thought you guys deserve to see a little bit of my work. I picked out this photo as the winner of my favorite photo battle simply because it makes me smile all the time. I hope all the photos I took take this couple down the same lane when they go through the photos I took. Shooting this couple was so fun, I think I am finally getting my head around the emotional roller coaster of capturing day that will live forever in some hearts, and it’s truly a blessing. I love the way the branches frame the subjects but what always takes the cake for me is the emotion, no lighting technique or photography can create emotion, it’s the magic of keeping it forever that makes this fun to do…peace !

photo : allen coleman


IMG_1747Ever since the double monk strap became the best thing since the Internet in menswear world, the single monk strap has quietly established itself as the official shoe for the “real bad boys only” club. The single monk strap is conservative yet it’s subtle touch of edge does not go unnoticed. I picked this single monk strap out for a female client who adores menswear inspired shoes ( we will be stocking a few of these gems on the blog’s store once it goes live). These iconic beauties have done what all the classic menswear staples have achieved with ease, crossing the gender barrier and validating their obvious appeal in both wardrobes. The single monk strap; bad boys and girls only. (photo : allen coleman for a WOODEN MEMORY STORE )
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