IMG_4211 It was during the 1920’s that west Africa fully adopted the Dutch wax print as a cultural staple, one that has since it’s entry to the Gold Coast (Ghana) suggested status and a symbol of identification. The Dutch, being partly responsible for nurturing the region’s appetite for the vibrantly coloured wax print, slowly adopted cultural symbols into their prints to purposely entice the West African, and it worked,to the extent that proverbs and catchy names coined by the locals have gone to brand this celebrated fabric. Since childhood, “ntoma” which means cloth, has been synonymous with the wax print so much that I thought that was the only fabric that existed. “Ntoma”,

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LITTLE BOXERS BY ALLEN COLEMANJames town, the birth place of seven world boxing champions, has bestowed on itself the duty to keep boxing alive in a country dominated by soccer. Situated in Ghana and the east of Accra, the town has become home to boxing, almost every renowned boxing export Ghana has had, came through this town. The town is dominated foremost by fishing and then boxing, unfortunately fishermen do not get to fly the world and appear on television, so the the youth have taken to boxing as a ticket out. During the just held arts festival, ring ropes formed by an excited crowd, gave way to a street bout for the town’s beloved  “little boxers”. Standing at an average height of 3″ feet, these

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IMG_0330 It’s been a few weeks since I started the EYEs project and I humbled to say my work has never felt this meaningful. I love street photography and for years I have been trying to put my finger on something quite as moving as this. I love the interactions with my subjects, it stays with me all through to the end.

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THEReRUNSb vb(42) Eyes are the organs of vision. As basic as that sounds i find the eyes to be open of the intriguing and complex part of the human body. In portrait photography it’s encouraged to focus on the eyes, simply because it usually forms the focal point if the image, an eye in an eye.

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Courtesy of all the love that’s floating around I decided to share  my favorite left-over from the 5 BRANDS X FWST featuring Bohten the eye wear brand . This look got left out simply because it was less cohesive with the whole direction of the editorial, both concept and style wise, but it’s still my one of my favorites from the shoot.

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IMG_9083We chose Bôhten eye Wear as part of our 5 Brands series for one particular reason; they are brand with a real story, an honest one carefully nursed with their passion for business and an undeniable desire to infect their surroundings with their contagious attention to quality and delivery.

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IMG_9763Do not ignore my pose in the first photo, that is what happens when you walk around with Pharell’s ”Happy” stuck in your head. Back to regular schedule,sometimes it feels like my wardrobe will never rotate outside my fixation on blues juxtaposed against calm notes of earthy browns, but hey I thought Pamela was never going to come out of those red swim suits but  she did, so let’s not cross our fingers .

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_ARC0446.450x675I am in love with Umit Benan’s fall 2014 menswear collection, and this is not because nothing like its nature has ever graced the catwalk before, but simply because collection possess something most shows do not, style. There are no ground breaking designs or never before seen take on menswear, but it’s nothing short of the purest form of style one can put out for an audience to tap into.

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cary grant menswear outfit review

Its throw back Thursday, so it’s only right that we visit one of the iconic photos that started this style craze of mine. I f you do not recognize the gentleman in the photo please be advised; the possibility of us getting through a chocolate éclair over brunch is slimmer than the side view of an anorexic model. Mr. Cary Grant has single handedly jump started a lot of style journeys of men through time, feel free to hold him responsible for making the gray suit synonymous with the word cool, I mean look at him, I bet he woke up like this. His outfit is so basic yet utterly flamboyant, draped in a gray pinstriped suit with a generous lapel size and a hint of earth via his pocket square, every style accolade thrown at this man befits him in every way.

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So here it is, the second installment of photos from our last travel series trip to Boti falls, Ghana. I apologize if these photos make you feel like clocking out of work and taking a vacation. Peace gods, happy weekend.

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