The downside about running around town with your bestie is that times loses weight and starts running ten times faster than usual. The truth is dita and I hit a very rough patch,because we both just went a week without our favorite pickings at our usual Sunday afternoon eating spot, so to make up, we stuffed our faces in hopes of getting the time…

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        ”When you believe in yourself as much as i do, i will be here waiting”

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If you have an appreciation like I do for menswear, then being around an individual like Allen will definitely take it to a new level. In menswear nothing is too little to ignore (look at me sounding all knowing), from color code to proportions, it almost makes it seem very stiff and very ”rule” centered from a distance  but if you look closely it’s…

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People don’t take casual Friday too seriously form what I have observed. The license to dress down obviously got taken too seriously by some. It’s refreshing to get out of the stiff working wardrobe and show up to work in something more relaxed but still sharp enough to kick ass and take names at the office.

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My love for menswear is not a secret, even if it was my work wardrobe would be a dead giveaway. I love the traditional color code menswear sticks to, it’s simple and elegant, something I find too hard to resist. I love strolling into the office in skirts but there is something I find very powerful about a woman owning a well tailored pair…

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