There is nothing more beautiful in this uncertain wave of life than comfort .You have probably heard a million times the power of being comfortable in  skin and in cloth , but there is always that one person who makes it worth it to make it a million and one times. The way her glasses dance on the bridge of her nose , how perfect her clothes carelessly drape over her frame , the way the pop colors shares the stage with the shades of grey in harmony ,her stance that screams I am way comfortable in skin and in cloth.♣

‘’STYLE ICON, definitely has to be Solange Knowles. I absolutely love how she rocks her colors, textures, layers and sizes. One thing she does that i hope to be able to do is prints on prints. I believe she’s the undisputed champion at that! She wears items that i never really thought would look good on a woman, and it just seems effortless. Then again, my style changes every day, according to my mood and my alter egos, whether I’m feeling pretty, lady-like or classy. Corrine Bailey Rae is my heart’s desire as well. ‘’_Ms Nokwanda

How I feel about a man’s clothes depends on what he is wearing , but his trousers definitely  have to be perfectly fitted._Ms Nokwanda

Color blocking, I love it on others, and I’ve tried my shot at it but it’s really not me.(You fahionisting people probably think this is blasphemy but do pardon my opinion) I feel its a tad BIT commercial and a perfect paradigm of modern fashion/style.I dont dress for anybody and i certainly didn’t come for the pretty stuff (chuckles)._Ms Nokwanda ( follow her on twitter @NokwandaThemba)

photo| Allen Coleman

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  1. My lil sis Miss Kwanda… She is such a cup of honey tea (the sweet) and a bowl of cucumber (the cool). Merci beaucoup and all that jazz for this Allen… I adore this and your other posts…truly. *peace & blessings, love & cinnamon* -Nu

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