FWST LENS LIFE | Cape Town School by Aldona Karczmarczyk

When it comes to the art of photography you will hardly find me ‘’wowing’’ about studio work with a plain backdrop, unless it’s of kim jong il doing an afro beat dance in nothing but an Aztec print shorts and a tank top. I have decided to showcase everything that inspires me pertaining to my new photography addiction, so you lot are going to be seeing a lot of ‘’LENS LIFE | INSIPIRATION’ posts featuring work from prolific photographers to the newbie like myself. I believe a photographer’s art comes out when he is out of the comfort space that a studio provides, and photographer   Aldon karczmarczyk   executes that perfectly with this fashion story he shot in Cape Town from the pages of latest Twoj Styl magazine. The story features a school teacher played by model Eveline Besters styled wonderfully by Maria Szaj . I always say a true photographer is able to tell a story with little or no words, and Aldon does this with a perfect capture of emotion that doesn’t overshadow the essence of the story, the clothes. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Peace! more photos

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