183027_mrp_in_xl Daydreaming about having my favorite vanilla and chocolate cookies at my Favourite cafe in this half lined cotton double breasted blazer from north of Italy’s celebrated menswear pillar is what I usually do with my downtime at work. I am not going to dive into how amazing the brand is; as far as visuals go, justice has been done, this jacket is a beauty!

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IMG_0330 It’s been a few weeks since I started the EYEs project and I humbled to say my work has never felt this meaningful. I love street photography and for years I have been trying to put my finger on something quite as moving as this. I love the interactions with my subjects, it stays with me all through to the end.

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IMG_0597 Picking out a suit, shirt and a tie is like figuring out sitting positions for a wedding; you don’t put uncle chatter box with auntie chatterbox, that’s just a recipe for destruction. The trick is to find the right mix of contrast, and trust me it doesn’t come easy, there are no coded steps to achieving the ability of keeping it simple without a sweat but a few pointers definitely make it a tad bit smoother . Personally, I copied looks off the internet till I found my own stride, mistakes led to discoveries and then, soon after, my mentors were giving me the thumbs up (that is what 30 likes on style forum mean).

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Slowly I am finding my step in the casual wear section. For years I have struggled to really settle in with my casual wardrobe, it’s been quite a hassle especially from the kind of the street wear background that i got sucked in at an early age. Lately i find comfort mixing the edge i inherited from street wear into my sartorial wardrobe, personally i think the balance defines me perfectly.

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thomas pink menswear After the solids and the stripes you cant hide from the all over dotted tie. If you your wardrobe is filled with chalk or pinstriped suits the all over dotted ties are your go to. I love pairing mine with both my solid and striped suits but more with the stripes, I just keep my shirts in solid and I am good for the door.

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EYEs by Allen Coleman Eyes are the organs of vision. As basic as that sounds i find the eyes to be open of the intriguing and complex part of the human body. In portrait photography it’s encouraged to focus on the eyes, simply because it usually forms the focal point if the image, an eye in an eye.

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